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Our digital distribution FORTYFY MUSIC offers all possibilities to make your music and your products available to every consumer worldwide. We supply more than 300 shops worldwide and are constantly expanding our portfolio.

Great support and customer care is our top priority.

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YOMO DISTRIBUTION has many years of experience in the exploitation of films for domestic entertainment. With our perfected distribution know-how, we release series, German in-house productions or international purchases not only on DVD and Blu-ray, but also focus on digital distribution.

We / YOMO DISTRIBUTION publish a wide range of genres from art house movies to trash and horror films.  The physical distribution department works closely with the digital film department to ensure the best possible timing for our coordinated release policy and product placement.



Since 2012 Daredo GmbH, our head company, is an official partner of YouTube and has access to the YouTube Content ID System. This gives Daredo/ YOVI DISTRIBUTION customers the opportunity to earn money through YouTube monetization.

When you book this service, all YouTube content is searched daily for your music. In the case of matches, these videos are automatically provided with advertising (monetization) or disabled (blocking).

Through our partnership we have the opportunity to solve problems regarding ownerships, Copyright Strikes directly with Youtube and much faster. 

As a part of our Network your channel will profit of all benefits we get as official youtube-Partner. And through regular Analysis from our side we help you to grow your channel. 

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YORY SOLUTION  is a cloud based accounting platform developed alongside some of the leading brands in the industry. We give you unparalleled flexibility to manage all types of deal structures and account to your artists & licensors in an intuitive, streamlined way.

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