We´re proud to announce, that the new compilation Listening Pearls – Future Point of Contact will be released domesticly in Japan via our partner Receptor Tune (Exposion Works), based in Tokyo. The tracklisting will be slightly changed. Also a new additional track will be added: Bossa Boutique feat. Pat Appleton. This track will be released in germany also in mai 2005 (single release).

The well-known and much respected Audio DJ Mix Series is now proudly presenting the next deck-wizard on Audio. After dj-sets from Monika Kruse, Gayle San, Steve Stoll, Pounding Grooves, Michael Burkat, Mhonolink, Bens Sims, and Gayle San’s Live set has Jay Denham mixed the next chapter of this series. Jay Denham is without doubt a Techno-legend! He is already since over 18 years a sucessfull Dj. Jay Denham started his career in Detroit/USA as Dj and event organiser in the electronic music-scene as the scene was in it’s infancy. His own imprint „Black Nation Recordings“ is with releases from Umek, Gayle San, Echoplex and Jay Denham one of the most popular techno-labels worldwide. Due to his apperances in Europe he has inserted an important part to forward the typical sound of Detroit. So he was soon a very popular guest-dj on fesivals and clubs across Europe. The friendly Jay Denham has put his main-focus in the past only on producing music so he has never released an own mix compilation. For this reason is Fine Audio very proud to release the first official Jay Denham mix-compilation worldwide.

The distributor interGROOVE has taken over the distribution of Gimme Mo Records (daredo music), a new label with main-focus on Rap, R&B and Reggae. daredo music likes to place well-known artists of the german rap-scene as well as talented newcomers on this label. First announced acts on “Gimme Mo” are among other things the Dancehall-musican Benjie which is releasing his upcoming longplayer “Unterwegs” soon, the Rap-formation MB1000 and the HipHopper Bazz. Gimme Mo Records is inviting round to a showcase on 4th February 20:00 with the above-named artists and the R&B-Act D.C. at interGROOVE in Frankfurt: Ferdinand-Porsche-Strasse 13 60386 Frankfurt am Main Deutschland

The next Audio Lotion album will be called “Metrosensual” and will be released in mai 2005 (mole060-2). After the big success from Audio Lotion (three tracks are used in the 6th Season of “Sex and the City” it´s also planned to release a limited double CD called “The Finer Essence” (molesp002-2) during the summer including new and unreleased tracks and mixes as well as titels from the first three albums.