[kju:] records page online

We have to admit that involuntary thoughts will clatter along some people’s brain initially during the first unprejudiced look at the label-name [kju:]. Thereby, everything’s so easy: [kju:] is English and stands for the 17th letter of the Latin alphabet – “Q”. Who still couldn’t do anything with this, will get help from the subtitle for sure: “Quiet Music – Quite Electronic” stands for settled electronic Music, somewhere between Dancefloor and Sofa, established-chilly stuff as well as experimental-groovy things, it features listening-styles from cheesy-trance-synthesizer-surfaces via jazzy beats to electrophile lounge-tunes. Who awaits the ultimate underground-label is wrong. At least as wrong as somebody who promptly thinks “Ah, so it is commercial!”. [kju:] is (just) so commercial as the relative Releases allow it, and as a result of the open-minded structure very difficult to define. [kju:]-Releases are target-group-oriented and so sophisticated and multifaceted as Listening-Music today can be. [kju:] is everything and nothing, at the heart not more than the phonetic-spelling of a letter, but definitely not less then the summation of its releases. [kju:] is unique, individually and above all: flexible! It aligns with the needs of the listeners and artists. Anymore: [kju:] stands for quality, too!

For more informations, please visit: www.kju-records.de