Khoiba - "Nice Traps" out now

Nice Traps – the title of Khoiba´s debut album hits the nail on the head, and the cover, displaying a young attractive lady who has obviously trapped an insect, shows: Hear it once and you will be trapped by the captivating melodies of the successful Czech band, trapped in a world of music from which you do not really want to escape anymore. The sound of Khoiba is an inspired interplay of electronic music and clear, melodious guitar tunes, a creative down-tempo mix full of ideas, that creates an exceptional and special atmosphere. A great part in this surely has Ema Brabcová with her distinctive and expressive voice that immerses you in the partly spheric and catchy Khoiba tunes. The track “Half In” (track 2) is a very good example for this. Khoiba describes their style as “pop and atmospheric music, full of melancholy and positive emotions, sometimes very dynamic, somtimes soft”. Each track has its own history and its own inherent emotions. Khoiba are not only convincing studio musicians, but very approachable with live performances all over Europe, which they meticulously prepare and enjoy. Whether in their home country the Czech Republic or in France, Germany, the Netherlands or Austria, they have impressed the audience at more than 50 gigs and festivals. “Live performances are very important to us and always very special events full of emotions. We are pleased when the audience gets carried away and when we get their positive feedback”, the band says, and one can tell that music plays a big part in their lives. “The best way to show your thoughts and feelings is music. We are fascinated by music and this feeling is getting stronger every day…”. With their debut album, Khoiba has produced an extraordinary first work, according to their motto „Expect nothing but the best“, that shows the potential of the young band from Prague. It´s only a matter of time until you are also trapped by Khoiba.

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