ex.it - supported by DASDING (SR and SWR - German radio stations)

Whether on “Saarländischer Rundfunk” or “Südwestrundfunk” (German radio stations): If you want to know what is hot in the clubs, which trends there are, and where they are going, you must listen to “CLUBDING” (club thing). This popular programme is especially famous for two things; for its great success with the younger audience and for the editor in charge: Chantal Tessmann. ex.it is the name of the current compilation for which Chantal Tessmann signs responsible under her pseudonym chantaL.. With “Si Tu Trouves” and “Never stay”, she also contributes two tracks and adorns the cover. ex.it is the ideal way to escape from everyday life and dive down into the finely tuned world of “funky groovy soulful sounds”. The motto is: “There´s no better time than right now to be happy. Happiness is a journey, not a destination. So work like you don´t need money. Love like you´ve never been hurt. And dance like no one´s watching”. In a word: Don´t waste your time, live and love now and enjoy your life!

For many years, chantaL. – who knows the hottest clubs inside out – has been working with the leading club sound labels. Her debut album “clubDING Vol.1″ was a success. With ex.it, chantaL. now has a new direction and follows new trends, putting great weight on intelligent music and the fusion of hand-made music and electronic effects.

“The tendency is leading away from pure electronic music – DJing is no longer as hip as it used to be – and going towards bands. The music must speak for itself” says the artist from Saarbrücken with conviction. The trend goes towards the good old hip-shaking sounds, back to Boogaloo, back to the Sixties and Seventies. Live performances are a major aspect for chantaL.

ex.it is convincing – the names of the artists speak for themselves. A perfect mixture of hand-made and electronic music with a lot of soul, that can also be easily performed live. Quantic Soul Orchestra, matizz, the halftones, Rodney Hunter, and MiniVip – selected artists that incorporate the music spirit of the times.

If you want to break out from everyday life, from the here and now – ex.it is the best way out.

For more informations: ex.it, compiled by ChantaL. (Auric Enterprises)