We are proud to announce, that the releaseparty for the new album from Audio Lotion called “Metrosensual” will be in Zurich, 18.06.2005. The location will be the “Rimini”, a nice bar in the centre of Zurich. Audio Lotion will play some of there new songs live (supported by the beautiful vocalist Noreen). Also the well known swiss DJ and A&R from Mole Listening Pearls, Minus 8, will be behind the turntables. for more informations about the location: www.rimini.ch for more informations about “Audio Lotion”: www.mole.de/audiolotion

Khoiba demonstrate their ability to their listeners not only to catch them with their special and significant studio performance. So if you like to know who they really are, what sound it is and first off all, to see their potential, then keep that dates in your mind: 20.05.2005 HUN – Budapest – A38 21.05.2005 CZE – Moravske Budejovice – Pogo 04.06.2005 CZE – Prague – Semtex Culture 10.06.2005 SLK – Bratislava – Wilsonic 11.06.2005 CZE – Chomutov – festival 15.06.2005 CZE – Prague – Roxy 18.06.2005 CZE – Mlékojedy – tba 25.06.2005 SLW – Kunov – festival 26.06.2005 AUT – Vienna – Donauinselfest at “Ega Bühne” 29.06.2005 CZE – Brno – Nadvori 04.07.2005 CZE – Cesky Brod – Rock For People 06.07.2005 CZE – Karlovy Vary – Rotes Berlin 09.07.2005 CZE – Ostrava – Colours of Ostrava 15.07.2005 AUT – Neuhofen/Ybbs – “Rock am Bach” (together with “Slut” etc.) 23.07.2005 GER – Wackersdorf – Bavarian Open 30.07.2005 CZE – Hrachovec – Hrachovka 05.08.2005 CZE – Sázava – Sázavafest 06.08.2005 CZE – Tasov – Beseda U Bigbitu 13.08.2005 CZE – Tabor – Love Planet 18.08.2005 SLK – Hodokvas – tba 20.08.2005 CZE – Cheb – Ronak 27.08.2005 CZE – Vostrov – Summer Aquaparty 01.09.2005 CZE – Plzen – Zach’s Pub

The feeling for the right sound in the right moment has Jérome obtained at his residency at the Conquest Luxembourg and later on in the Péché before he has respond on the call to Ibiza where he had become a resident at the Eukalounge. Jérome has grown up by his permanent engagement on quality housemusic and his excellent release on Luxury House a great reputation in the scene…Jérome presents Luxury house for a passionate beginning with summer always groovy and with a sure taste for style…On the beginning rather soft and influenced by baleric easiness is Jérome steppin up to pumpin Clubtracks and is cooling down with relaxed tunes at the end. With productions from Fuzzy hair, OHM-G, A Man Called Adam, Eric Kupper and Hot 22 Jérome has managed to resurrect the established artists from overseas as well as the hot insider tip’s. Overly commercial House-smashers weren’t used and the main target was put on a divers selection of finest Housemusic…Don’t give a damn about if you should call it Deep-House or Vocalhouse or whatever – this is just Luxury House! Something to dance or just for enjoying – „Luxury House“ is bringing acoustic Summer-vibe exactly where you like to have it. Just the stuff for listening at home, in the car or for spontaneously outdoor partys on secluded meadows…Feelgoodhouse at it’s best! Don’t miss Jerome’s “Luxury House” releasetour: 06.05 Acht Grad – Heidelberg 07.05 Schwimmschiff – Saarbrücken 13.05 Housebesuch @ Schwanensee – Braunschweig 20.05 Houseclub@Kulturfabrik – Saarbrücken 27.05 Melusina – Luxembourg 04.06 Mambo Bar – Ibiza /port 11.06 No. 1 Saarbrücken 18.06 Housefloor @ Mixery Castle directly buy at , ,

Audio Lotion got themselves noticed, with their stylisch debut Album “Advanced Skin Care” in 1999. Tempting Drum ‘n’ Bass and jazzy downbeats, mixed with ambient and latin elements, proved their firstborn.

After “Your Sonic Beaty Case”, a solid follow-up was released in Switzerland in 2001, Audio Lotion blow up their till then creative window one year later (2002) and showed with “Iadelante!” a pure original latin album, which with easy going Bossa-Nova-Grooves, simple melodies and the magical voice of female vocalist Noreen, which created sexy moods. Finally with this album Audio Lotion created awaress beyond the Swiss borders… Even in the same year the Album “Iadelante!”(mole046-2) with a slightly different tracklisting and new artwork was released on Mole Listening Pearls internationally.

In 2004 questions were raised (according to daily papers and various radio stations) what the two guys, “Audio Lotion” the alias of René Luther and Alex Gamma from Zurich, had to do with “Sex and the City”. Well, three tracks were added to the soundtrack of the internationally acclaimed US TV series, which got their music even more noticed across the Swiss borders.

And also far beyond the borders of Switzerland is the new Audio Lotion CD “metrosensual” (mole060-2) which takes the listeners on a journey around the world. This is further clarified by the layout of the CD: On a map of the world, the names of the tracks have been placed like names of cities. Who would not want to live in these places where the music pulsates? For nearly three years now, Audio Lotion has worked intensively on “metrosensual”, and have sacrificed everything for it. With a lot of pleasure in the music, with humor, and sometimes with a little irony, René Luther and Alex Gamma have created a complex work of art, that will again inspire. It is not easy to describe the style of Audio Lotion. It is audio lotions; from Latin and oriental sounds, Nu Jazz, Bossa- and Ambience elements – no liability assumed for completeness.

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