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Yugoslavian native Alex Flatner was born and raised in Munich, Germany. Alex was strongly influenced by electronic music in the early 90’s,inspired by people like Klaus Schulze and others. In 1996 he made his first DJ appearance at “Electric Delicate”, presently one of the best and most famous techno clubs in Munich / Germany. Later Alex founded the label “Circle Music” to release his own music. Soon he also started productions on major labels like Black Nation, Monoid, Gekko (London) , Silver Planet (London) and Gayle San’s label Equator (UK). He made himself known internationally with his breakthrough remix of Corvin Dalek’s “Pounds & Penz” on MFS which was produced also by Alex. It was played over 7 weeks on Pete Tong’s BBC Radio One show and became the most played track ever on Pete Tong’s show. The track also appeared on the Mix Mag Compilation in April 2000 mixed by Timo Maas, on the Ministry of Sound Compilation “Tunes of the Year” and the MTV Compilation, which was also licensed to Convert Rec (UK), Warner Germany and by NEWS in Belgium. Following his worldwide success, Alex remixed for artists and acts such as…. Blue Amazon (Lee Softley, James Reid) , R Factors (aka Dobre and Jamez), Dulux Connection, Krystal, Rouge, Karuma, Bernard Sumner (singer from New Order), AWeX (plastic City), D.J. Valium (Gigolo Records, Teknotika) Ates, Kraze, Sonic Tribe (John Johnson) Sensurreal (Belgium act). Near the end of 1999 he met Roberto Q. Ingram and started the Flatner & Ingram Project. They released a number of successful tracks: • The Single “So what ya sayin” on Parasound Munich • The Single “This is Yabada” on Equator Records • The Single “Rectus EP” and “Mak´n Moves EP” on Black Nation • The Track “Da Comin” and “Rectus EP” on Black Nation was also remixed by Jay Denham. • The Release of the project with Bernard Sumner (singer from New Order), which contains the original vocals from New Order´s track “Crystal”, (released on MFS and London Rec.) • The Flatner & Ingram follow-up for the Equator Label. • Futhermore Alex is working on his release series “Tools”, which is already out on Maelstrom as well as on Belgium Techno Label Lupp. In 2004 Alex finally started the label imprint Circle Music and took over as A&R Monoid Recordings, which can look back on releases from artists such as Samuel L. Session; Leandro Gamez; Oxia. Alex will soon release his next record with his labelmate Stryke on Monoid called “Baby Likes to Move” with RMXes by Paul Mac and Dj DWEED also a Release on Circle Music called Circle Life , this ep name he dedicated the label with remixes from Dan Corco and Adam Jay. Alex has done also a collaboration work with 2004 Czech Dance Award winner Michael Burian . He has produced with Michael the new upcoming ep called “ Praha E.P. “ which is released on Circle Music as well as the 5th release on the label. Also there is a new Upcoming RMX he did lately for „ Kool and The Gang , „ Ladies Night „ which will be very soon released on the legendary label “Plastic City“. To visit his homepage, please click here: Alex Flatner Alex recommend’s to purchase his records at