Tigarvision and daredo music signed a contract regarding music downloads. In the following weeks, new releases will be offered also at the downloadportal mp3.de. Step by step, also the back catalogue from labels like Mole Listening Pearls, Plastic City, Harthouse, Time unlimited and Noom Records will be added as well.

The 10th chapter of the Dj mix series will be a very special one…The Space Djz aka Ben Long and Jamie Bissmire will perform a special battle mix on this volume!! The Space Djz have been renowned the world over for their breathtaking skillz behind the decks. Whether working as a team or individually. Ben and Jamie consistently deliver astounding performances – Dj’ ing to them is an art, and with over ten years on the world Dj circuit they have the knowledge and experience to create an absolutely mind-blowing mix.. The CD will be released October 2005… Stay tuned !!

Only 24 years old and almost finished with his second album, “Splendid Isolation”. This album follows his much acclaimed first album “Shallow and Profound” on Mole Listening Pearls, which was released in 2000 and recognised by many as the best debut album of that year. Yonderboi’s new album Splendid Isolation is a perfect blend of nineties Trip Hop, cool guitar licks, Hip Hop/ R & B, moody Eastern European spirit and film soundtracks.