Soul G & Tony Match release in the new interactive music format ‘di’

Paris-London-Mannheim: French artist duo Soul G & Tony Match and Mole Listening Pearls announced today they have teamed with London digital music company Digimpro to use the new di music format to enhance their new track for online downloads. Soul G & Tony Match electro groovy track ‘Eros’ featuring Danish chanteuse Anne Charlotte Struve (liv) comes with the new di music player that gives fans the ability to edit and personalise tracks using alternative, original material that is also included with the track, and resave them as MP3 files. The scope of the alternative materials is unlimited, with Soul G & Tony Match providing a number of alternative vocals, drums and base tracks. Far beyond traditional remix software and music formats, di also allows for real time and randomly generated remixes using these alternative tracks. Available for both download and CD sales, the di player can produce almost infinite variations and works on PC and MAC and can be resaved as MP3 files for playing on digital music players. The tracks are available to purchase on and via selected online retailers and is included as a bonus track on the artist new album ‘Round trip 2 Tokyo’. Tony Match said “di format is simply futuristic ! a great opportunity to come into a music score..enjoy this revolution!’’ Soul G and Tony Match’s German record label Mole Listening Pearls expects the inclusion of di to give the listener and fan more musical experience and interaction that could significantly boost sales volumes. Rupert Evans, Managing Director of Digimpro, the developer and owner of di, said the idea came from the need for a new kind of format that was for all artists and music fans. “The computer age has given us the ability to listen to music in exciting and sophisticated new ways. So far this potential has been largely untapped, but the di format brings these new possibilities to life in a really simple way for artists and fans alike,” Evans said. “di offers artists new creative possibilities and enables the music industry to use a new format to drive sales. We are in discussions with a number of other labels and we’re confident di will become a standard inclusion on major single releases and add significant value to digital downloads,” he said. About DigimPro Digimpro is a privately held UK Limited company specialising in interactive music software applications. Its technology has been developed over a number of years and is patented in the EPU and the US with a patent pending in Japan. Di interactive music is about the freedom to create new musical experiences. The listener can interact with the music in real-time, make and save their own versions of a track by personalizing and customizing it using bonus material supplied by the artist. The software is simple enough that anyone can use it, but powerful enough to engage even seasoned studio engineers. Di music files are now available to buy on-line representing the first time that genuine value-added music files have been sold at a premium price. Digimpro is a private company specializing in interactive music applications. It has developed interactive music software as a standalone PC player, a Mac QuickTime plug-in. Digimpro is currently launching a Windows Media Player plug-in in conjunction with Microsoft. All these music players are released for free. Digimpro has also developed mobile applications ranging from mixing ring tones online to interactive music handset applications About Soul G & Tony Match Soul G & Tony Match produce fresh, soulful jazz with lashings of urban chic. With talent and audacity they will not hesitate in mixing Jazz drumming and hypnotic analog keyboards, tablas & sitar. A sound that will leave a testimony of the influences left by the original spirit of Jazz, Hip Hop and electro. Their second album Round Trip 2 Tokyo (released end of September by Mole Listening Pearls) fuses soul/jazz and electronica with some of the finest roots voices : Mozez,(Zero 7/platinium Salers) Kaori Kaneko, (Japan), Anne Charlotte Struve (Denmark) to bring a more deluxe Mowax sound with a distinctive ‘french touch’ full of hooks and lush melodies. if you can imagine the most famous soundbites taken from Groove Armada, Royksopp and Faithless, you can envisage what Soul G & Tony Match’s music sounds like…Mysterious funk doctors…Leftfied ideas, hip-swinging attitude… Tony Match : Influenced by the famous Jazzmen and jazz After several mad stage shows in Europe, this incredible drummer and percussionist created his own style ! Close to the Hip Hop & electronic culture, this multi-talent artist decided to dedicate these skills to the music production. Soul G : He has bathed in the Soul-Jazz music. He’s a huge fan of Indian culture and music. Soul G spent most of his time on turntables and his S950 Akai or Emu (Sampler). Famous Hip Hop breakbeat producer, he sold more than 6000 vinyls of his legendary “Skratch action”. In the same time he’s both Dj and music producer for “La rumeur” (Captitol/EMI), leading French Hiphop group.