Yonderboi - Splendid Isolation

The second album from Yonderboi ist out now! The crow is a symbol for wisdom and prophecies. Because crows eat cadaver, they sometimes also symbolize the malice and all the bad things in themselves. They wait for death of the hanged to then peck pieces of meat from their body. A hopeless image. Exactly here Yonderboi´s new work begins. A sad children’s choir stands on an empty field under deep pitch-black hanging rain clouds ready between a murder of crows on the way to hell. This is the first sombre dreadful picture which 24-year-old artist László Fogarasi produces at the beginning of his album which is immediately a small resignation from his own musical past. The Film Noire has retired. The second album rises more and more into something absolutely unexpected….. Having exchanged the forests of Somogy county for the Budapest, his new record “Splendid Isolation” is more mature and more urban than the amazing first album “Shallow and Profound”. While his first album was made intuitively and ‘just happened’, a great deal of thought has gone into his second record. It is especially influenced by an unexpected source: the art-house films Yonderboi has been watching the last couple of years. Like a good movie, “Splendid Isolation” tells a many-layered story that builds up to a trippy ending. Structure, build up and portions of suspense have been considered consciously. And, as in a film, the secret is not revealed until the very end. A crucial influence is also Dutch musician Tom Holkenborg (Junkie XL). The two artists met in 2003 in Amsterdam, where Tom offered to help László to ‘create the record that Yonderboi wanted to make.’ In two summer sessions in Los Angeles, Tom lent his experience and technical expertise to help give shape to László’s creative ideas. “Splendid Isolation” is the result. Yonderboi’s Hungarian background greatly affects his music. Travelling Europe and the US has made this even more apparent. He finds western people more relaxed, less in need of asking big questions and more straightforward in their approach to life. In Eastern Europe life is never clear cut. The contrast between the cold winters and hot summers typical of the region is reflected in the conflicting emotions of the people. Life is bitter sweet, joy is accompanied by tears. These contradictions are reflected in his music, which is eclectic, rich and difficult to pigeonhole. Splendid Isolation – The Ceremony of the Companion (personal notes from Yonderboi): How about you? The one of your own? (yes, that’s here, too), are you ok with it or do you condemn it? Do you think it is needed to achieve anything or it’s just something that’s there, all the same? Is there a specific state or a condition that you are seeking? Are you really on the look for something or you simply can’t stop searching? No one has ever come up with the one “meaning” and the best way, be it inside or outside, with or without. Prepare to spring off, and be the winner of this realtime fall. For more informations: Yonderboi artist page