In a time, where it counts about current vogues and attached Images, MB1000 shows that they rules to connect, Entertainment, Storytelling and Content. In the 15 tracks MB100 convince with musical and textual variety, without to use the thousand times heard clichés. Whatever, directly in front going Tracks like „Atze“, „Purer Luxus“ or classical Battle-Tracks like „Gut und Schlecht“ together wit Smo or with Phrase & Mighty Mo played track “Kick off”, MB1000 stay the whole playtime erratic. The Band gives themselve on the album “King” no bareness. “Rapstars Life”, “On Stage” or “K.I.N.G.” ft. Nina Caren are more tracks which shows that you have to count with MB1000 in the year 2006! MB1000 Releaseparty For more infos: MB1000 Homepage Gimme Mo´Records Prelistening: MB1000 – King snippet MB1000 – King You can buy this album online here:

Apple (iTunes) and daredo music signed several contracts for the different iTunes stores everywhere in the world (including Europe, USA, Canada, Japan and Australia). In the following weeks, all new releases will be offered at the iTunes Music Stores. Step by step, also the back catalogue from labels like Mole Listening Pearls, Plastic City, Harthouse and Noom Records will be added as well. Download iTunes