MTV Europe and MTV Benelux picked the new Yonderboi video

MTV Europe and MTV Benelux picked the video of “Yonderboi – Were You Thinkin’ Of Me?” for their rotations. The Video will be played 15 times a week in the following countries (starting from next week): Africa, Egypt, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarussia, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzigowina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cypris, Estonia, Faröer, Georgia, Greece, Iceland, Israel, Kazakhstan, Kirgisia, Latvia, Lebanon, Luxembourg, Malta, Macedonia, Moldova, Monaco, The Netherlands, Rumania, Serbia and Montenegro, Slowakia, Slowenia, Tajikistan, Czech Republic, Turkey, Hungary, Uzbekistan. You also can watch the video here (a fast DSL/ISDN line is needed). Screenshots from the video clip you can see here.