03.06. Dresden-GER, X-Side Club (Jeff Bennett) 04.06. Utrecht-NL, Dominatrix (The Timewriter, Jeff Bennett) 09.06. Zagreb-CRO, Sokol Club (The Timewriter) 17.06. Budapest-HU, I love deep (Jeff Bennett) 23.06. Bielefeld-GER, Pelican (Terry Lee Brown Junior) 30.06. Karlsruhe-GER, Madame Pompadour (Terry Lee Brown Junior & The Timewriter) 06.07. Patras-GR (Terry Lee Brown Junior) 07.07. Athens-GR (Terry Lee Brown Junior) 08.07. Crete-GR (Terry Lee Brown Junior) 09.07. Kalmata-GR(Terry Lee Brown Junior) 27.07. Patras-GR (The Timewriter) 28.07. Athens-GR (The Timewriter) 29.07. Crete-GR (The Timewriter) 30.07. Kalmata-GR (The Timewriter) 26.08. Budapest-HU, I love deep (Terry Lee Brown Junior & Timewriter)
(more dates coming soon)

Khoiba (Mole Listening Pearls) Tourdates 13.-17.4.06 Jonatan nemuže (Czech) 22.4.06 KlatovyStrelnice (Czech) 13.5.06 Brno festival (Czech) 16.5.06 Zlin festival (Czech) 03.6.06 Francie festival (Czech) 09.6.06 Chomutov – festival festival (Czech) 16.6.06 Karlovy Vary Mattoni Canoe Cup (Czech) 17.6.06 Mlékojedy (Czech) 23.6.06 Praha Ostrovy (Czech) 24.6.06 Benátky nad JizerouLodenice (Czech) 25.6.06 Vienna Donnaufest (Austria) 30.6.06 Trebíc Festival (Czech) 04.-06.7.06 Rock For People Festival 14.-15.7.06 Pohoda Festival Slovakia (Czech) 21.7.05 Colours Festival 28.7.06 Hrachovka Festival (Czech) 04.8.06 Sázava Festival (Czech) 05.8.06 Beseda u bigbítu Festival (Czech) 11.-12.8.06 Love Planet Festival 19.8.06 Rožnov pod radhoštemfestival (Czech) 25.-26.8.06 Rock for Churchillfestival (Czech) 26.8.06 Summer Aquaparty Festival 31.8.06 Plzen Zach Pub (Czech) 02.9.06 Karlovy Vary Fresh Film Fest 08.9.06 Semtex Brno Festival (Czech)

Yonderboi (Mole Listening Pearls) Tourdates 11.4.06 Tivoli – Utrecht (Netherlands) 12.4.06 Nighttown – Rotterdam (Netherlands) 13.4.06 Paradiso – Amsterdam (Netherlands) 15.4.06 Viva Velinx – Tongeren (Netherlands) 04.5.06 Szeget for Est Invasion (Hungary) 05.5.06 Kaposvar for Est Invasion (Hungary) 05.5.06 Debrecen for Est Invasion (Hungary) 20.5.06 Berlin, Kulturbrauerei (Germany) 02.6.06 Budapest, Electronic Beats Festival (Hungary) 04.6.06 Clermont Ferrand, Europavox Festival (France) 08.6.06 Budapest, Fabri’s Show, RTL Studio’s (Hungary) 13.6.06 Paris Fr, Scenes D’Ete Festival (France) 13.7.06 Amsterdam, 5 Days Off (Netherlands) 08.8.06 Hasselt, Pukkelpop Festival (Belgium)

Wax Tailor (Mole Listening Pearls) Tourdates 12.4.06 Hangar 23 – Rouen (France) 14.4.06 Passager du Zinc – Avignon (France) 15.4.06 Festival Garorockmarmande 18.4.06 Elysee Montmartreparis 22.4.06 Show case – Lissabon (Portugal) 26.4.06 Show case- Lissabon (Portugal) 27.4.06 Show case – Porto (Portugal) 29.4.06 Run ar Punschateaulin (France) 04.5.06 Festival “Tours” (France) 06.5.06 “Urban Funk” Festival – Barcelona (Spain) 12.5.06 Herouville Theatre – Caen (France) 20.5.06 Muséee Evreux (France) 26.5.06 Festival Le son de l’air Ferté sous Jouarre (France) 02.6.06 Europa Vox Clermont Ferrand (France) 09.6.06 Agorale Havre (France) 10.6.06 Aeronefilille (France) 15.6.06 Festival les invites – Villeurbanne (France) 16.6.06 Le Poste à galène – Marseille (France) 01.7.06 Festival Rohan (France) 06.7.06 Bed supperclub – Bangkok (Thailand) 07.7.06 CCM Ventiane (France) 08.7.06 International short movie Festival Bangkok (Thailand) 21.7.06 Festival Avignon (France) 29.7.06 Cabaret Frappé – Grenoble (France)

Alex Flatner (Monoid Recordings) Radiodates: 07.5.06 Radio Spurensuche 94,5 – München (Germany) 25.6.06 Radio Sunshine Live – Mannheim (Germany) Tourdates: 14.4.06 Calysto – Nantes (France) 16.4.06 Monofaktur – München (Germany) 21.4.06 Plan B – Passau (Germany) 29.4.06 Station Park – Berlin (Germany) 03.5.06 The Orange Room – New Delhi (India) 05.5.06 Monza – Frankfurt (Germany) 13.5.06 Exit – Vodice (Croatia) 20.5.06 Ohrakel – Ingolstadt (Germany) 27.5.06 Proton – Stuttgart (Germany) 03.6.06 Le4Sans – Bordeaux (France) 10.6.06 The Club – Moscow (Russia) 17.6.06 Blauer Turm – Tübingen (Germany) 23.6.06 Batofar – Paris (France) 01.7.06 Cyber – Freising (Germany) 13.8.06 Water Festival – Piaseczno (Poland) 23. – 28.8.06 Tokyo, Ropongi , Japan ( TBC )

Felix Kröcher (Compressed Records) Radiodates: jeden Freitag auf Radio Sunshine Live / Hardliner 00:00 – 02:00 Uhr Tourdates: 14.4.06 Flugplatz – Allstedt (Germany) 16.4.06 Pressure Festival – Neumarkt (Austria) 21.4.06 U60311 – Frankfurt a.M. (Germany) 30.4.06 Mayday – Dortmund (Germany) 05.5.06  Jungle Club – Sevilla (Spanien) 06.5.06 Technobase – Graz (Österreich) 12.5.06 U60311 – Frankfurt am Main (Germany) 15.5.06 Dj Meeting – Duisburg (Germany) 20.5.06 La Cova – Barcelona (Spanien) 24.5.06 Club Sonic – Plattling (Germany) 26.5.06 Kne Deep Night – ??? (Slovakien) 27.5.06 Mixery-Dancefield – Köln (Germany) 03.6.06 Montagood Festival – Madrid (Spanien) 09.6.06 Suppkultur – Koblenz (Germany) 17.6.06 Kaisertanz – Koblenz (Germany) 25.6.06 Velvet – Ingolstadt (Germany) 24.6.06 Ruhr in Love – Oberhausen (Germany) 24.6.06 Soundtropolis – Berlin (Germany) 30.6.06 U60311 / Frankfurt am Main (Germany)

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It is no secret any more that Brazilians have rhythm in their blood and that the most populous state in South America is full of musical talents. But there has been one guy standing out of the crowd: DJ Murphy! Back in the days Ben Long said: “When I saw Murphy playing yesterday I thought I should retire myself, go back to school, play with my mixer in my room again… I don´t know how to play. Murphy is the future of Techno!!! I don´t know how the world has never discovered a guy like this.” But this time is over, because within a short period of time there have been rumours in good old Europe that there was a hot talent in Brazil who made the crowd go mad with his skillz. But at the latest since Summer of Love 2003 in Czech Republic DJ Murphy is taking Europe by storm, scratching on four turntables – easygoing, without any stress, everything is looking so simple. His fingers are flying between the EQs, faders and turntables. His moves are blurring in the flickering strobe light. If you are twinkling only for one split second you have missed the next mix. That is Murphy in action! DJ Murphy has the talent, the style and above all the skillz making everything possible for him. Coming from a Hip Hop background, Sao Paulo born Murphy soon drifted into the Techno scene, because he was fascinated by the correct scratching of fast and straight Techno beats, being the biggest challenge for him, as he says. What Techno DJ is able to come up with scratching loops like that easily and giving the sweating crowd his brightest smile at the same time? Murphy is doing this casually, because mixing two tracks the ordinary way would be too simple for him. You can see this for yourself on this year´s TDK Timewarp or Nature One where Murphy is making the Brazilian sun rise at the Century Circus! Scratching, beatjuggling, perfectly timed backspins and a terrific track selection – that is what the congenial Brazilian is standing for. With his official mix-CD on the prestige label Fine Audio he is proving this one more time. The tracklisting features the who´s who of Techno: Gaetano Parisio, W.J. Henze, Vanguard, DJ Preach, DJ Murphy & Christian Fischer or Robert Natus just to name a few. Veritable fireworks of altogether 25 tracks are waiting for the listener – united in a furious mix, packed with perfect scratches, backspins, his matchless mixing and this very special something, only a Brazilian DJ can give you: pure rhythm, pure vitality, pure sex – always with this little samba blend! With his first Mix-CD on Fine Audio Recordings DJ Murphy is proving that all the rumours one could hear about the permanently smiling and chain smoking talent of the century are true, that he succeeds in mixing Techno tracks at speed of light, with his incomparable skills and easiness as no one else, adding the accurate dose of funk and groove. Listening to this CD gives you an impression of the energy that is circulating through the crowd, capturing it and creating collective ecstasy when DJ Murphy is standing behind the decks! 31.03.2006 Triebwerk (Dresden) mit Elton D. 01.04.2006 Kuper (Melstrup) mit Elton D., Hardtrax, Matt M. Maddox 08.04.2006 Time Warp (Mannheim) mit Chris Liebing, Sven Väth, Richie Hawtin 13.04.2006 Beatbox 2 (Porto, Portugal) mit DJ Preach, PET Duo, DJ Link 14.04.2006 Alcantarraz (Lisbon, Portugal) mit DJ Link 15.04.2006 Parkhaus (Kenzingen) 16.04.2006 Easter Big Bang @ Universal D.O.G. (Lahr) mit Rush, Bold, Kevin Saundersan 02.06.2006 Rex Club (Paris, France) DJ Murphy vs. Christian Fischer 03.06.2006 Parkhaus (Kenzingen,) DJ Murphy vs. Christian Fischer, mit Olivier Giacomotto 04.06.2006 Kuper (Melstrup) DJ Murphy vs. Christian Fischer, mit Olivier Giacomotto 10.06.2006 Schleudergang III @ Alter Speicher (Schlanstedt) DJ Murphy vs. Christian Fischer, Paul Brtschisch More Infos and Soundfiles regarding the Mix-CD on Fine Audio Recordings you can find here: DJ Mix Series (Vol. 10) presents: DJ Murphy