Deep Train 4, mixed and compiled by The Timewriter

Deep Train 4 – Round Trip, mixed by The Timewriter – Plastic City

Deep Train Vol. 4 Round Trip is the follow up to a truly exceptional and successful compilation series. Jean F. Cochois aka The Timewriter is one of the most respected DJs as well as producers in his genre for more than 10 years. And he is an artist with high demands. One could already hear this on his remixes for acts like Mike Oldfield, Faithless, Yello, Boy George, Frankie Knuckles or Rammstein, but above all on his recently released album fourth artist album Paintbox. Round Trip is the subtitle of this CD and as well its motto. Jean F. Cochois sees the point in arranging the 16 compiled tracks with a subtile dramaturgy. He succeeds in realising the daring feat of combining progressive, danceable tracks with relaxed, warm-hearted, atmospheric grooves. With his unmistakeable intention he is uniting tracks with different colours to an expressive ensemble diversified with a proper portion of dynamic and homogenous in a perfect way at the same time. So you can find outstanding artists such as Wamdue Project, Sean Dimitri & Tim Fuller, Johne Dahlback, Terry Lee Brown Jr., Kevin Sunray, Bar BQ, Budai & Vic, Discouraged Ones, Gabo, Muzzaik, Chris Udoh, Dousk, Justin Martin, The Timewriter himself with an up to now unreleased track and Trentemoeller offering a great finish with his minimal-atmospheric The Forest. Mary Joe whose vocals could already be heared on Booty Song is accompanying the listener with her spoken words through selected sites in this mix and gives this compilation an absolute distinctive blend. Round Trip is more than a simple compilation of unique tracks this selection is splashing pure passion and love to music. (listen)

Available format: CD