Anima Sound System have never been average, have never been conformed, have never been upper classy. And their attitude didn´t change with “We Strike!”. Without any exaggeration Anima Sound System is the hottest and most exciting collective Hungary´s pulsating electronic music scene has to offer. With their brand new album Anima Sound System has finally transcended the Hungarian boarders, raising their voices against racism and homophobia, carrying their invocations for individual freedom and the underprivileged victims of our so called free-market economy into the world. In a world where the gap between rich and poor is increasing, where the freedom of individuals is getting more and more restricted, in a world where shareholder interests count more than human rights and wars are about oil, in this world it´s time to stand up and defend! This is the tenor of “We Strike!”. Consequently this album is not about a never ending party, the abhorrently happy teenage life of millionaire heiress buying herself a pink Ferrari to be en vogue and dressing up like a high-class hooker to cause the attention she is considering as respect. This album is about war, unemployment and social drawbacks, this is album is about the real world we are all living in! Songs like “World at War”, “Technotoys Blues”, “Open Your Eyes” or the title track “We Strike!” want to galvanize us, explaining that we are a part of the system as well, sometimes without even noticing it. Anima Sound System succeeds in transferring their messages flavoured with social ideologies, based on an explosive fundament of radical mixed influences from entirely different styles, in a fascinating way. They are on their tightrope walk between the genres, fusing Dub, Downbeat, Broken Beats with housy elements, rocking Dance Hall riddims as well as their Panonian roots. For all sophisticated music lovers out there who expect admirable music in combination with non-conformist lyrics based on social criticism “We Strike!” is a “must have”! For more informations: Artistpage