dtunes - the new service for digital rights owner

The main focus of dtunes is the bundling and exploitation of digital Audio- and Video rights. It is significant for dtunes to keep these delegated rights controllable and the use of it transparent for the owner. The collected content will be technically editet by the dtunes team for the distribution through different platforms in the net. Various formats, depending on the individual portal, are requested. From the necessary Meta-Data and information for example about the artist to the rights of users. This content will be provided to and offered through all relevant channels to the costumer. Further opportunities of exploitation are in place through cooperations with for example. “White-Label-Shops”. The range of use can be defined exactly regarding the platforms and territories. The steadily increasing market-share of digital sales in combination with the broadening of our product- and vendor-structure enables us to provide you with very good conditions. For more informations, pleae get in contact with the dtunes team: mail@dtunes. dtunes