Yonderboi (Mole) #2 DCC (german club charts)

The track “People Always Talk About The Weather” from Yonderboi (Mole Listening Pearls) is currently on position # 2 in the official German Club Charts (DCC). Yonderboi was eighteen years old when his debut album “Shallow And Profound” hit the shelves in 2000, to the wide acclaim of the international critiques and a wowed audience alike. It was voted Number One as the “Best Hungarian Album of All Times”, and Yonderboi was awarded the most important music prize of his small country, the Golden Giraffe. As if this wasn’t already enough, he was also lauded the “Silver Cross For Outstanding Achievements” by the Hungarian government, placing the young producer, real name Laszlo Fogarasi, on top of things. The Hungarian consequently spent the next years working on film and theatre projects as well as refining his sound by touring live with his band, the Yonderboi Quintett, playing in Jazz festivals as well as clubs. Five years later and a lot of experiences richer, he reemerged with his follow-up album “Splendid Isolation”. “People Always Talk About The Weather” is the second single release from his latest offering which comes with a string of remixes that range from radio friendly cuts which could easily become alltime favorites, tougher and housier club edits as well as some more experimental outings – something for every occasion. No matter what the weather might be like! For more informations: People Always Talk About The Weather (Single) People Always Talk About The Weather (Video) Yonderboi Artistpage