Yonderboi at Schleswig Holstein Music Festival

Mole Listening Pearls Artist Yonderboi will perfom two Concerts at the 22nd Schleswig-Holstein Musik Festival. The Concerts will be held at “Uebel und Gefährlich” on Friday, August 24th 2007 in Hamburg and on Saturday, 25th at the “Halle400″ in Kiel. Tickets for 12 € are available here. Since its creation in 1986 by Justis Franz, the Schleswig-Holstein Musik Festival has belonged to the most prominent of international cultural events. Magnificent castles and mansions, barns and stalls, the most beautiful churches in Schleswig-Holstein, and even some out of the ordinary settings like dockyards, airport terminals, and old industrial halls create an impressive backdrop for presentations usually reserved for the most renowned concert halls and opera houses. Hörbar Ungarn« (Audibly Hungary) – is the motto for the 22nd Schleswig-Holstein Musik Festiv to be held from 14 July until 2 September. In the seven weeks of the Festival 146 events (135 concerts in the main programme and 11 special projects), six musical festivals in rural settings and two musical festivals for children will transform the whole of Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg as well as parts of Denmark and Lower Saxony into a region filled with music. For more informations: Yonderboi@Schleswig-Holstein Musik Festival