We welcome “Rotodrôme Recordings” to our service at digedo. Rotodrôme Recordings ist the digital homebase from the well known artist rotorik. rotorik has released several 12inches up to now, for example he was the first German artist ever who was offered to do a release on Cristian Vogel’s Mosquito cult-label. The result was “Sending all processes the TERM signal” in 2001 which received A+ critics. More releases were out on Mutter Tonträger Stuttgart, local Hamburg-based label Otaku and also on [feis] and Automatic.Apart from that, rotorik also did contributions to compilations and remixes, for example the killer track “Jean-Claude Van Damme” on Semi-Automatic, a track on [feis]-labelcompiltion vol.1 and a total rework of a track for his colleague Notstandskomitee.


We´re proud to announce, that Deepology Digital joins the digedo service. The Deepology Digital label was founded early in 2007 by 2 DJ’s and producers DJ Electric Konstantin Lyubimov) and DJ One (Alexander Dovnar). The label music policy is non-commercial house music in all forms. The mission is to promote elite musical culture, avoiding bringing it to the mainstream. Our path in music is in perceiving, extracting and conservation of the deep and natural sound of music. Not being framed by style definitions we create in space from deep to electro, from disco to techno. The “Feeling of a measure” EP by one of the most talented musicians from Novgorod The Great Seva K (Vsevolod Halepo) was set as a debut release for the label and shortly became supported by such respected names as Pako & Frederik (Global Underground), Jody Wisternoff, Demarkus Lewis, Loco Dice, Fish Go Deep, Claude Monnet, Jeff Bennett, Jamie Anderson and many others. Except studio and A&R activities Deepology Digital hosts its own radio-show on KISS FM Ukraine (covering over 15 cities in its network) on the Internet each Friday. The show consist of two parts, first – hosted by DJ Electric and second part is for star guest-mixes.

deepologylogo www.deepology.rumyspace/deepologydigital

Jean F. Cochois is the Timewriter and arrived at the top ten years ago. Since then he has developed and fine grinding his productions so that press, media and audiences agree on the fact that he is a master at his arts: Spinning at the most famous venues all over the globe, holding a residency at Sven Väth’s Cocoon Club, remixes for Mike Oldfield, Faithless, Yello, Boy George, Rammstein and many more…everything done? He doesn’t think so and presents his 5th album “Soulstickers” which will be attached close to the listeners’ souls for sure because that’s the place where they came into existence! Straight from the introduction which is “resetting the clocks” The Timewriter is creating intensive and emotional songs and takes you on a trip through his sonic world of pleasure. “Soulstickers” follows his tradition of knitting together tracks with interludes and indicating an overall concept. The whole “story” incorporates the listener and you begin to feel like a character of a strongly emotional tale. Looking at the track titles you get an impression where The Timewriter is aiming at: “Is this Life”, “Circling on a Train of Thoughts”, “Euphoria Days” ore “Sunshine in the Backyards” are the scenes of a story which is written by heart and soul – just “Soulstickers”. It’s a unique mixture of tech- and deephouse, soul and ambient which invite to exchanging some energy. The Timewriter is supposed to having already reached the peak, so he excelled his genius again!
For more informations and pre-listening: Soulstickers

“Electronic Injection” had been more than a simple label compilation where just a cross section of artists added a track. Harthouse is setting a really high standard since their relaunch last year. The sounds parts are a pretty good match, interlock and have a quite reasoned basis. Harthouse has been one of the most important electronic institutions for the last fourteen years with names around as Sven Väth, Alter Ego, Der Dritte Raum, Spicelab, Hardfloor or Resistance D. – to name a few. Therefore it’s not surprising that as a corollary the “Electronic Injection” now is liberating its “Active Agent”. This release is the new groundbreaking composition from Harthouse – highly epidemic and instantly causes addictive behaviour. The wisely assorted collection of artists is a clue for how high the bar has been raised and you can look forward to the adverse effects. Quite varied artists unify within a incomparable fusion which resembles a suspenseful myth. “Active Agent” quickly dispreads through the whole body and lets appear everything in a clearer, more powerful and detailed way than one is accustomed to. The big names of the 90ies go hand in hand with the new talents – a well balanced mixture of well known ingredients and innovative substances whereas the heroes from the hour of birth are in no way inferior to the newcomers and sound newer than ever. David K, Braincell, Boris Brejcha, John Selway, Gui Boratto, Zoo Brazil, Xpansul & Daweed vs Joel Mull, Jens Zimmermann, Sascha Barth, Der Dritte Raum, Tom Wax & Boris Alexander, Holgi Star & Miro Pajic, Phil Kieran, ADJD, Hardfloor, Spicelab, Alex Flatner & Anderson Noise, Paul Nazca, Axel Bartsch, John Andersson, Style Of Eye and Billy Dalessandro aim at bulls eye and definitely hit it! On the CD edition all trax are mixed together – a mixture of Techno and Minimal as you have rarely heard before! Within an hour the pearls get connected between minimal and techno-sounds and closes the necklace which stands for the concept of the whole compilation. Roland Bone did a marvelous mix for the last compilation and again is the wizard behind the decks. Roland comes from Gainesville (Florida) and releases at Kunststoff Schallplatten amongst others. You also can purchase the DJ Mix in mp3 format on the “Extended Edition”.

Available formats: CD, 2LP (Part 1), 2LP (Part 2), mp3, mp3 (Extended Edition)

We welcome “contact music” to our service at digedo. contact booking is a well known international operating booking agency holding the diaries from artists such as Gayle San, Terry Lee Brown Junior, The Timewriter, Bassface Sascha, Seminole County etc. In the summer of 2007, “contact booking” started the platform “contact music” to have an own channel to publish releases from their artists in a purely digital way. These downloads will feature projects or collaborations that won’t be released anywhere else.


Mole Listening Pearls artist Yonderboi did a special performance in the presence of Queen Beatrix. Celebrating “50 years of European cooperation” in The Hague (NL), Yonderboi performed together with dutch chanteuse Wende Snijders, pianist Rutger Laan and guitar player Doma Schrank a song wrote especially for the occasion.

More informations about Yonderboi: artistpage

Mole Listening Pearls Artists Khoiba will be back on the road in May 2007. After two shows in Horovice (CZ) and Pilzen (CZ) the Band from Praque will perform at the Europa Vox Festival in France Cleremont-Ferrand on June. Khoiba will also release their brand new single “Ohio” in may 2007. The song is taken from the forthcoming Khoiba album “Mellowdrama”.

More informations about Khoiba: artistpage Khoiba live: 26.5.2007 | CZ | I Horovice I Labe 23.5.2007 | CZ | Pilzen | Pod Lampou 02.6.2007 | France | Cleremont-Ferrand | Chapiteau Venue, Europavox Festival

We´re proud to announce that Elektrofone Records joins our service at digedo. Elektrofone Records is Canadian records label who want to support and to promote Canadian and international electronic music producers around the world. The releases are available on several formats like CDs’, mp3 and 12″ vinyl records. These last one are in sale in all independant and specialised records shops.