Welcome to Rotodrôme Recordings

We welcome “Rotodrôme Recordings” to our service at digedo. Rotodrôme Recordings ist the digital homebase from the well known artist rotorik. rotorik has released several 12inches up to now, for example he was the first German artist ever who was offered to do a release on Cristian Vogel’s Mosquito cult-label. The result was “Sending all processes the TERM signal” in 2001 which received A+ critics. More releases were out on Mutter Tonträger Stuttgart, local Hamburg-based label Otaku and also on [feis] and Automatic.Apart from that, rotorik also did contributions to compilations and remixes, for example the killer track “Jean-Claude Van Damme” on Semi-Automatic, a track on [feis]-labelcompiltion vol.1 and a total rework of a track for his colleague Notstandskomitee.