Welcome To "Majestic Trax"

We welcome “Majestic Trax” to our service at dtunes.de. The DJ, graceful and majestic, stands over the ecstatic dancing crowd. In the club, he sends them on a mental journey and offers them only one goal: drift away to the sounds of good music. Accompanied by friends in an unknown destination, the DJ reacts, for one night, to the movements of your body. Then he passes over the decks to the next DJ as if he was handing over his scepter and his control. The crowd admires him; his appearance was the crowning of the evening. They cheer as if they were shouting, “The King is dead, long live the King.” Therefore, he lives on in their mind and soul. The Berlin DJ Robbespierre was often a King in this way, with his mixing board as his throne. He was also a countless witness of the power led by other members of the empire in numerous cities and countries around the world. That is when he came up with the idea of uniting these kingdoms and creating his own dynasty. As a result, the new label that serves modern and royal possibilities: the digital seal Majestic Trax! The king’s assignment is to connect all the ideas and noble sounds around the world, reunite them via internet, and brew them into his dynasty. He quickly discovered this concept from the inspirational sounds of the United Kingdom. His goal is to create a mixture of elegant electronical and progressive Tech-House tunes with a touch of Trance. With the first single “MaleFunction” from Majestic Trax, he was able to share his success with an Italian King, the bold remixer Robert Bardini from Turin. The raised Spanish Marc Garcia, proved himself as a sacred producer and continues to dignify himself as a noble dominance to the machine to expand the kingdom. The future of Majestic Trax lies in good hands, there will be more Kings and Queens joining the growing empire. The royal episode has begun.