Joel Mull - The Observer (Harthouse)

Joel Mull – The Observer (album)

Joel Mull is more than a contemporary techno artist. He definitely will be known as one of few who more than rode but created the wave and will always be mentioned regarding the fact that he underlines the message that techno will never die! He made his choice in his early adolescence attending a music school and spending hours and days at the piano and keyboard. He is amongst the top 4 Swedish electronic musicians with the likes of Adam Beyer, Cari Lekebusch and Jesper Dahlbäck. He started traveling around the globe more than a decade ago and quickly made himself well known as tasty bit of the electronic world with great DJ-Sets and astonishing live performances which are a must have seen even for the hardest critic. He is a quiet guy who learned his handcraft and evolved into a genius producer who incorporates all his listening experiences in his music. Code Red, Drumcode, Kanzleramt, Inside Records, PrimeEvil, Loop Records, Superstition Records, Svek, Tortured Records, Turbo, Underwater …are SOME of the platforms which aid him spreading the message. Harthouse has been at the front at Joel’s early beginnings and after his first successful single last year he comes up with an also extremely elaborated piece of work: “Observer” shows that this is at the top of worldwide productions! He arranged 14 wide spread compositions in a pretty well made mixture which emphasizes the density and content of the works and makes you wish to listen repeatedly all night long. Exceptional music for exceptional people!

Available formats: CD, 2LP, mp3