Terry´s Café 10 Podcast

It’s the 10th anniversary of Terry´s´Café and the master himself presents a high dose of his genius. The series of Terry Lee Brown Junior´s Mixes has been existing for 8 years and chooses from the latest productions of his colleagues while being a well balanced mix between the stars of the scene and newcomers and their talent. All these combined with Terry’s accurate and delicate mixing abilities sum up to an extraordinary listening pleasure which is more than adulating the listeners’ ears – also compatible with crowded dance floors and moving legs! The 10th is a delicious musical double package: A single mix was not enough for Terry and Plastic City. Therefore the first part contains swinging and shiny house grooves as an essence of the current development in house music. The second part is best-suited for collectors and fans of lessons in the house history. Eleven tracks which all are milestones and greatly influenced development of house music.

For more information please listen to the terry´s café 10 podcast.