Plastic City. Play

Plastic City. Play (mp3 album)

Plastic City is reinventing itself by playfully dreaming up alternative realities – again and again, one after the other. Time for a resumee: The makers of the capital of quality techouse that is constantly changing, expanding, relocating and restructuring itself, are entering futuristic territories, recalling some of the finest moments of the present before setting off into the future. Like the first album “Play. Plastic City” you can find on this compilation a lot of new exclusive tracks – specifically produced for this project. This time the tracks are from by Budai & Vic, Da Funk, El Farouki, Terry Lee Brown Junior, Gorge, Lukas Greenberg, Nikola Gala, Stryke, Lincoln Six Echo, Jeff Bennett, From P 60, The Timewriter, Greg Parker, The Mulder, Forteba, Pete Moss, Babak Shayan, Dirty Cover und The Messenger. “Plastic City. Play ” is again an artistic statement that documents progress and innovation, or a document that reflects artistic renewal. No one knows. After all exactly what one would expect coming out of a city that possibly does not even exist.

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