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We are proud to annouce that from now on dtunes.de will be responsible for the digital distribution of Cari Lekebusch’s wellknow imprints Kaun Trax, Lekebuschmusik and H-Productions!Cari Leckebusch is one of the top International DJs, producer, gothic b-boy and praying mantis. Born capricorn 1972, homebase Stockholm, Sweden. A sound architect with many pseudonyms; Mystic Letter K, Mr Barth, Fred, Shape Changer, Vector, The Mantis and Braincell to name a few. Music attracted Cari with great impact allready at an early age. Which made him start to collect records and edit music in the late 70´s. With his main inspiration deriving from Funk, Hip-Hop, Electro, House, and Techno he started to assemble his own production studio (Hybrid productions) during the 80´s. As well as studying Kung-Fu, Breakdancing and Graffiti. During the 90´s and 00´s Cari´s music productions resulted in hundreds of record releases, DJ and live performances plus non-stop worldwide tours with countless appearances on Television and Radio. And alongside Adam Beyer, Robert Leiner, Joel Mull and Jesper Dahlback, to name a few, played an important role in putting the swedish electronic music scene on the international map. No matter where the record store is; Tokyo to London to Los Angeles, if it is a respected one it will surely carry some “swedish sounds”. Future plans and dreams for Cari include music and sound effects for video-games, film and television as well as producing more artists and solo projects. Some of Cari´s early musical influences are coming from Sweden, USA & Germany; James Brown, Ralph Lundsten, Herbie Hancock, African Bambaata, Egyptian Lover, Chris “The Glove” Taylor, Kraftwerk and Mantronix. His various productions and remixes can be found on; Drumcode, Truesoul Records, Code Red, Railyard recordings, Heroes, Corb, Harthouse, Loop/Plumphouse Records, Missile, Jericho, Tortured, Electrix, Primevil, Telephatic, Svek, Planet Rhythm, Tronic music, MB Electronics, Subvoice, Superstition and more.

lekebusch labels His own label projects include; H-Productions, KaunTrax, Djupt, Grundtakt, Trainspotters Nightmare, AudioMekanixc, Audio Pollution, KGB, Direkt and Spirit Fuel. Most releases have appeared on H-Productions which was formally known as Hybrid productions due to a legal twist back in 1998, with Awex Inc´s group called Hybrid. The first Hybrid releases were Electro/Hip-Hop inspired beats, sadly sparse due to lack of currency. But around 1992 the label started a proper vinyl 12″ inch output with the help of Glenn Wilson and Planet Rhythm Records. A few years later the label was accepted on the international electronic underground scene with its uncompromising cutting edge dance-music sounds.For more information please check www.lekebuschmusik.se.