Smilla - Exotic Pulse (mp3 EP) - Harthouse

Smilla – Exotic Pulse (mp3 EP) – Harthouse

1996 Sascha Müller discovered his desire for electronic music. Encouraged by the very jung and fresh Techno-scene of the local area Smilla acquired the neccesary DJ-skills in quite a short time to challenge his first grand entrances in 1998. Soon his name was readable in the LineUps of the hippest clubs and events of the region regularly. After he played also in farther regions like Switzerland, France, Hannover, Stuttgart etc. Smilla recognised, that electronic music actually has got much more for him to give than just playing records. So he decided to start producing his own tracks. Marco Zaffarano took notice of Smilla and released the track “Thunder” on Anima Records from Stuttgart with the catalog number 009. That time another successful project “Virtual Dialog” was originated. Together with his good fellow Benjamin Piltz, who did the powerful end-mixes of every Smilla production so far, Sascha Müller let lash down firm fireworks of impulsive beats and spherical pad sounds on every audience that gets in his way. Thats how he proves again his High Noon Capability for every kind of event. Since the end of 2006 Smilla is resident in the well known club “Universal D.O.G”. 2007 the record labels “Harthouse” and “New League” where found as ideal platform to bring the manifold facets of the DJ and producer Smilla to their final destination where they belong to: in the record case of everybody.

Available format: mp3