Forteba - Private Sound (mp3 EP) - Plastic City

Forteba – Private Sound (mp3 EP)

Forteba, a Hungarian artist, produced some successful singles in his home country as “The Garage” together with Gábor Pasztoriális and got released at Hungary-based underground labels before. Within this important period he built up his own studio and consequently founded a lounge-band with a friendly musician. He spent much time on touring with that band and pushing his production skills to the limits the following two years. The next person who got involved in the productions of Forteba was Zoltán Nagy of “From P60″. He got responsible for mixing the tracks. That caused another rise of the high class standard Forteba already had set. The listeners and critics have been convinced about the state-of-the-art sound by his debut album “Space Between Us” on Plastic City. His first album where he reinterpretes and develops house in all possible facets. Forteba is more than scratching at the surface – he’s instantly diving into the emotional world of the listener and captivates his audience with always warm, diversified and excellent tracks. With his new EP “Private Sound” (including a remix from El Farouki) he demonstrates once again his talent.

Available Format: mp3.