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Club Bangahs – Say No (single)

Club Bangahs are Marc Steinmeier and Michael “!BAZZ” Jackson. Marc is the musical composer. He worked and remixed for great Musicians as Eminem, LL Cool J, Christina Aguilera, Jungle Brothers and many more. He had been remarkable successful with Nuclear Hyde which got one of the big names concerning trance music in the nineties. He is still a pioneer of music and has constantly developed unique and fresh styles, creating new standards all the time. Michael is a passionate songwriter, composer and vocalist, a workaholic and really talented man which is rushing towards his dreams. “Say No” is the first single from the high acclaimed “Headless” Album. Club Bangahs teach you black music history while incorporating moods and topics of HipHop, Jazz, Soul, Earth Wind and Fire, Funk…an incredibly entertaining mixture of good grooves and atmospheres!

Available format: mp3