Exclusive "Boris Brejcha" album (CD) via www.humpty.de

Boris Brejcha – Die Maschinen kontrollieren uns (album)

Boris Brejcha was educate playing drums and keyboard at his childhood which had been a perfect schooling for the following chapter – producing and performing electronic dance music. His sense of humour resonates in his productions as well as his predilection for unconventional parts. Continuously avoiding conventional sounds, guitars and classical instruments he is always concerned with research into elements which one had never heard before. He started showing his talent at several stages and online labels. His first digital releases unthinkable swiftly reached the top of several online charts and after getting connected to Harthouse Mannheim he released two digital singles with great impact on the European electronic scene. Actually you find the name Boris Brejcha in most famous DJs’ playlists and compilation tracklists. Harthouse acts as a platform for his extreme forward-looking output. The future is now and the main message is to be unpredictable and still sweeping like no other. Surprise follows surprise by taking some well known condiments of electronic dance music, adding some delightful secret ingredients out of Brejcha’s research – box and messing all up with effects like heaven and hell! Deep, clear, clicky, effected, dirty, various, surprising avant-garde, a close-fitting sporty and elegant wear for everywhere.

Available formats: CD (exclusively via humpty), mp3 (exclusively via humpty and TrackTracker).