R.T.A. feat. Katerina - Unconditional Love (mp3 EP) - Plastic City

R.T.A. feat. Katerina – Unconditional Love (mp3 EP)

Though born and bred Greek, Katerina’s musical soul was carved in Manchester’s dark clubs and bars. While studying sociology and psychology, her student room was decorated with turntables, speakers and records, but her real love was in writting her own songs. During experimenting with writing lyrics for more club-friendly tracks, she eventually wrote “Unconditional Love”, her debut with R.T.A. and on the label Plastic City. Katerina now lives in Rhodes (Greece) and spends most of the time in the recording studio. “Unconditional Love” will definitely not be her last release on Plastic City. Hopefully she is sitting in Rhodos in the recording studio in the moment and writing new songs…

Available Format: mp3.