Da Funk – The Throwdown (mp3 EP) – Plastic City

Switzerland in 1991. The electronic music began to crowd its fans. In front a teenager called Da Funk. Electronic Music had done it to the young man and he began to deal with the whole scene. First party attendances were the result and Da Funk was definitely fallen in love with the music. In the middle of the 90’ies, which Da Funk naturally through-live with excessive celebrations on innumerable Parties and Club nights, the normal celebrating as a music consumer did not gave him the sufficient kick anymore. Thus the music-possessed young man began to acquire himself how to Mix. Soon the first gigs came at smaller, usually illegal parties around Winterthur. In winter 1996 the first large gig in Zurich followed and Da Funk were rocking the floor. Further bookings troughout Switzerland followed. The attendance of a Spanish party island ’97 rang the end of his DJ activity. The sufficient satisfaction by playing records only and in holidays with a new music direction infected, the DJ project was hung to the nail. House Music was the new born child of Da Funk. A time of re-direction followed and Da Funk returned into the role of the consumer for a short moment. Dormant sitting around and nothing doing aren’t characteristics Da Funk call his own and so he courageously move on to a further step. Producing own sounds and tracks should be it. He began to build up his own Studio and working with large eagerness at his musical ideas.

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#2. The Mulder – I Take You Out To Space (Plastic City) #8. The Messanger – Blue Summer Night (Plastic City. Play)#14. Gui Boratto – It´s Majik (Tronic Soundz)#17. Forteba – Landing Vostok (Plastic City)#53. Atjazz – Dirty Ride (Plastic City)#57. Eddie Richards – Droids (Plastic City)#78. The Timewriter – Play My Soul (Plastic City)#81. Bandmaster´s Flight – Samuel Alone (Amber Muse)

2007.10.03 Übel & Gefährlich, Hamburg, GER (+ IAMX) 2007.10.05 Gödör, Budapest, HU 2007.10.07 Arena, Vienna, AU (+ IAMX) 2007.10.09 Orpheum, Graz, AU (+ IAMX) 2007.10.10 Backstage, Munich, GER (+ IAMX) 2007.10.11 Weekender Club, Innsbruck, AU (+ IAMX) 2007.10.12 O25, Frankfurt, GER (+ IAMX) 2007.10.18 U Klub, Olomouc, CZ 2007.10.24 Subclub, Bratislava, SL 2007.10.25 Fleda, Brno, CZ 2007.10.31 Roxy, Praha, CZ 2007.11.02 Velbloud, Ceske Budejovice, CZ 2007.11.08 Maschienen Haus, Berlin, GER for more information: Artistpage Khoiba

Adam Jace – Northern Lights (mp3 EP)

This laidback, twenty-something, ex South African, Sydney dweller lives and breathes house music. His sound is described as unique and forward thinking, breaking down genre boundaries effortlessly and representing club-focused music at its very best. As a DJ, he has played across Sydney’s finest venues and club nights including his residency at Habit, where he has supported the likes of Ricky Ryan, Sonny Wharton and local hero’s Matt Rowan & Jaytech. As a producer, his contest winning remix of Urban Medicine’s ‘Momentum’, on FBSS, shed first light on this new young talent. His debut EP titled, ‘Northern Lights’ was picked up by the legendary Plastic City where he joins the ranks of highly regarded artists such as The Timewriter, Terry Lee Brown Junior, Gui Boratto and many more. His track ‘Doktor Deep’ is featured on The Timewriter’s forthcoming mix compilation; Deep Train Vol 5. What may be considered ones career highlight, this twenty-something has achieved on his first release – not bad!

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More than 25 years ago “In the air tonight” had been a breakthrough for Phil Collins solo career. Millions of copies have been sold since then and the track never lost any of its high emotional potential. In 2007 Stela comes up with a great remake of Phil Collins’ hit. The remake has brought this wonderful song to the present with soulful vocals and a really up-to-date production. In addition to the revival of “In the air tonight” a choreographic dance has been invented and at dancing schools people learn the “in the air tonight – dance” nationwide. At 16.09. there will be the presentation of the choreography at ZDF Fernsehgarten. The CD includes the original remake which makes you move like people at dancing schools everywhere, a remix, a deep piano-version and bonus content. Watch out!

Stanny Franssen – Cluster (mp3 EP)

After his successful first single on Harthouse (Bionical Clone) Stanny Franssen aka. G-Force goes ahead with his second EP called Cluster. The 33 year-old Belgian took over together with artists like Marco Bailey a pacesetter function with their functional technotools in the technoscene of Belgium. In the meantime Stanny is beside Marco Bailey and Dj Redhead one of the most important artists of Belgium. Since he has released on Monika Kruse’s Terminal M-imprint is the star of the Belgian radiating as brightly as never before. Raised with EBM and the sound of detroit, Stanny inspires the dark futuristic detroit feeling for Techno. Releases on well- known labels like Primate, Cocoon, Zenit and Carl Cox popular imprint Intec speaks for itself. This time he has produced another sound than his typical tribaltechno-tools. Stanny Franssen delivers minimalistic sound in best Plasticman-manner – Just the sound of Harthouse! On top of two new tracks you can find on this EP the original version of “Black Isn´t Everything”, which was originally released on the compilation “Electronic Injection”, and a brand new remix of this track from the shooting start Boris Brejcha.

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world of circle

CIRCLE MUSIC means continuous movement but not going round in circles, pure power yet brilliant soundscapes, various styles but one entire element – the perfect groove. Circle is best suited for dance floor use as well as for driving around in the city or listening comfort somewhere on the outskirts of your hometown. The Label consistently followed his vision of a musical community, a familiar environment which covers a great range of styles and approaches of producing and performing electronic music. The World of Circle Compilation is different to usual V.A. compilations you heard so far. It’s much more than a musical statement of a label giving a definition of its sound. It’s a personal statement of all featured artists because all tracks are presented exclusively on this compilation. Every artist is personally involved in the World of Circle. Alex’ companions are gifted people like Leandro Gamez, Ara, Namito, Robert Babicz, Audiofly, Leandro Gamez, Chaim, Lopazz, Stryke & Santos, Valentino Kanzyani, Bryan Zentz and many more producers and djs of the world’s top league. The first CD makes the vision of the united artists’ family come true as Alex has prepared gorgeous DJ-Mix and incorporated some more talents who go alongside his successful path: Southsoniks from France, Dan Corco or Peter Corvaia are also part of the community which he is founder of. The styles range between slightly minimal, tricky tracks, techhouse and finest techno pearls. The World of Circle prepares for a major victory against faceless commercialisation and repetition of what is already known as good and famous. A great mixture that captivates the senses and relieves your soul – a cocktail for multiple occasions with great flavour. This is the complete, uncut story of a unique label – don’t miss!For more information: circle music homepage

Plastic City. Shape (mp3 compilation) – Plastic City. Play

The play of words “Plastic City. Play”, which originally was merely a name of a compilation concept in 2006, get its inherent autonomy. Without any previously construction plan the town has grown again and retroactive we can ascertain, that Plastic City got a new suburb (Kat: play). A lot of new interesting faces romp around there: Greek Nikola Gala and Frenchman El Farouki, the Swiss artist Da Funk, the Hungarians Budai & Vic, Berlin based Lukas Greenberg as well as Lincoln Six Echo from Poland. All of them started to release on “Plastic City. Play” and if you heard some of their releases you know, that this is the next generation of young fresh and hungry artists. And like throughout in a city the new arrivals and the known habitants mix each other very fast and build something innovative. The compilation “Plastic City. Shape”, a summary of artists and tracks from this new sublabel, will show this growth. On top of this, you can find a new remix from “The Messanger – Blue Summer Night” as well as a new exclusive track from the Hungarian producer “From P60″ called “Midnight Fashion”.

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The Mulder – I Take You Out To Space (Remixes) – Plastic City. Play

The track “I Take You Out To Space” was originally released in 2005 – perfect at the time the sound of the nineties was up-to-date again. For Jon Silva, a Plastic City artist from the beginnings, this was a welcome occasion to reactivate his old alias “The Mulder”. This project was founded during the mystery boom in the mid-nineties, started by the the successful TV series “X-Files” among others. Its beginning found this project in the mid-nineties – at that time together with Len Faki- by the idea to set up with samples from X-Files chapters some tracks which are reflecting the panache of this time. The results of this project were the very successful single-releases “The Police” and “The Crab Candidate”. This release includes brand new remixes of “I Take you Out To Space” as well as two new tracks.

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We welcome Orbiter Music to our Digital Distribution Service.Music is freedom! And it should be like this. This is why artists, signed at Orbiter Music, can let their creativity run free and don´t need to look into only one direction. Everybody shall do, what he can do best. That way great sonic-experiences come true and Club-Culture can just profit from. Orbiter Music is a Net-Label for electronic music and tries to uphold the “Spirit of Sound” worldwide.

orbiter_musicFor more information: Homepage Orbiter Music