Plastic City. Shape (mp3 compilation) - Plastic City

Plastic City. Shape (mp3 compilation) – Plastic City. Play

The play of words “Plastic City. Play”, which originally was merely a name of a compilation concept in 2006, get its inherent autonomy. Without any previously construction plan the town has grown again and retroactive we can ascertain, that Plastic City got a new suburb (Kat: play). A lot of new interesting faces romp around there: Greek Nikola Gala and Frenchman El Farouki, the Swiss artist Da Funk, the Hungarians Budai & Vic, Berlin based Lukas Greenberg as well as Lincoln Six Echo from Poland. All of them started to release on “Plastic City. Play” and if you heard some of their releases you know, that this is the next generation of young fresh and hungry artists. And like throughout in a city the new arrivals and the known habitants mix each other very fast and build something innovative. The compilation “Plastic City. Shape”, a summary of artists and tracks from this new sublabel, will show this growth. On top of this, you can find a new remix from “The Messanger – Blue Summer Night” as well as a new exclusive track from the Hungarian producer “From P60″ called “Midnight Fashion”.

Available Format: mp3.