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Boris Brejcha – Die Milchstrasse (mp3 EP) – Harthouse

Actually you find the name Boris Brejcha in the famous DJs’ playlists worldwide as well as on compilation tracklists and of course on “Die Maschinen sind gestrandet” – his first album!! Harthouse acts as a platform for his extreme forward-looking output. The future is now and the main message is to be unpredictable and still sweeping like no other. “Die Milchstrasse is his third EP on Harthouse. Again surprise follows surprise by taking some well known condiments of electronic dance music, adding some delightful secret ingredients out of Brejcha’s soundmachines and messing all up with effects like heaven and hell! Deep, clear, clicky, effected, dirty, various, surprising avant-garde, a close-fitting sporty and elegant wear for everywhere.

Available format: mp3

Lukas Greenberg Audio Interview (podcast)

Lukas Greenberg started his career in the early 90ies as a hip hop dj and played at famous venues like the tresor, 90Grad and KitCat. Quite a lot residencies and years of dance floor experience brought him to own productions which he started on an Atari Mega 2. It’s easy to see that after more than ten years in the business his musical background is based on a broad variety of influences and styles – so is his music and what else than Plastic City could be the perfect platform for the height of his creativity. Last year he had his first appearance at “Play Plastic City” and his debut EP “Behind Doors” earlier this year drew attention to this fantastic musician, producer and DJ. The “Rhode Stories” again verify his sense for high quality listening stuff: He rolls out his musical range while connecting all tracks like writing a book. He produced several introductions for the “chapters” and after listening the whole album one is convinced about a theory behind the compilation of the songs. He rides on a wave of downbeat, electro, house, easy listening and some more ingredients which make you feel comfortable about listening to the “Stories” again and again. This is an outstanding collection of tracks – influenced by people, life and musical history and hits bulls eye aiming at the Plastic City philosophy. Enjoy the warm and bright atmosphere – high quality listening pleasure!

Lukas Greenberg Audio Interview: Rhode ´Stories Podcast; Available formats: CD, 2LP, mp3.

Naomi – Needle on the Record (single)

The peak of the needle on the record plate is actually a diamond, more seldom also a sapphire or even a ruby. With the Remixs of “Needle on the Record” Naomi shift one of their strongest titles on their current album “aquarium” into real crown jewels by Märtini Brös and moodorama. The artists behind Märtini Brös are DJ Clé and Mike Vamp from Berlin/Germany. Both can be seen as pioneers of the electronic music movement in Germany since its early days end of the eightees. Both are influential DJs with international value and combined forces and abilities in 1998 to found the project Märtini Brös, which, within 5 years has developed to one of the most interesting dance projects to date. moodorama from Regensburg/Germany belong to one of the interessting artists in the Lounge – NuJazz and DeppHouse genre. Like Naomi, moodorama are much sought after in releasing tracks for umpteen Downbeatchilloutnujazz-Compilations. Their current album “My Name is Madness” was also released on Mole Listening Pearls in autumn 2006.

Available format: mp3

Alphawezen – En Passant (ReRelease)

To translate yearning and dreams of faraway sceneries into beautiful and unheard sounds is what makes pop duo Alphawezen aka Ernst Wawra and Asu Yalcindag so special. Their second album „En Passant“ (succeeding their fine effort „ L Après-Midi d un Microphone“) comprises of 12 songs full of fleeting moments, the basic mood of which swings between soothing melancholy and mellow serenity. Sublime as in the title track, thoughtful as in „Speed Of Light“, friendly as in „Sommerzeit“ or cool as in „Welcome To Machinarchy.“„En Passant“ comes with such consummate ease as if being produced en passant. But it soon becomes obvious that the album is thoroughly thought through and done with complete mastery. Alphawezen playfully explore the realm between art and kitsch, experiment and calculation, yearning arrangements and hypnotic dance tracks. Some will storm the dancefloor as soon as „Welcome To Machinarchy“ sets in, a charming bow to 1980s New Wave hymns. And some will smilingly remember their first disco adventures, pondering all the mistakes, entanglements and states of confusion of a time long gone. If you move from disco to disco you will gladly discover some fast moving tracks in this diverse offering. If you like to travel at home, you will find it pleasing to travel with Alphawezen. The album „en passant“ reminds of something which came into existence just now but radiates a feeling of something which has been around forever. And that is magical and very soothing. By the way, the cover pictures one of the most-wanted chess robots of the 70ies, a Novag Robot.

Available format: mp3.

Gone is the second single from Naomi´s current album “Aquarium” The Süddeutsche Zeitung, one of Germany’s most respected daylies, described Naomis sound as a “perfect balance between bittersweet harmonies”, the KulturSpiegel enthused about “elegant, dreamy but always modern electro pop”; and the Rolling Stone gave four stars – meaning “fabulous”. But a band who made it onto more than 70 compilations worldwide must have something special, don’t they? Nomi´s music is athmospherically engrossing as you’ll expect, but by new means completely. The duo abandon their earlier love of wide soundscapes – hence no predominant samples this time, no echo loops and padded sounds. Instead we get reduced, almost minimal arrangements, guitars and Wurlitzer piano, Mellotron and sparse synthesizers over dry hiphop beats.

Link to video: Gone (Unplugged Version)

No instrumentals anymore, not “tracks”, but songs, quite traditonally structured. And they’re pleasant songs. Striking but deep, chiselled but emotional, and though definitely weird at times, they still seem to sort the world out. Which sounds like a contradiction in terms, but Naomi pull it off with an idiosyncratic mix of luminous melodies and equanimous understatement, big emotion and laconic detail.

The new single version of Gone was mixed by Patrik Majer (got the “Echo 2006″ as “best German Producer”, produced “Wir sind Helden” among others).

The single is available via iTunes only:
Naomi - Gone

For more information: Naomi Artistpage