Naomi - Needle On The Record (mp3 Single)

Naomi – Needle on the Record (single)

The peak of the needle on the record plate is actually a diamond, more seldom also a sapphire or even a ruby. With the Remixs of “Needle on the Record” Naomi shift one of their strongest titles on their current album “aquarium” into real crown jewels by Märtini Brös and moodorama. The artists behind Märtini Brös are DJ Clé and Mike Vamp from Berlin/Germany. Both can be seen as pioneers of the electronic music movement in Germany since its early days end of the eightees. Both are influential DJs with international value and combined forces and abilities in 1998 to found the project Märtini Brös, which, within 5 years has developed to one of the most interesting dance projects to date. moodorama from Regensburg/Germany belong to one of the interessting artists in the Lounge – NuJazz and DeppHouse genre. Like Naomi, moodorama are much sought after in releasing tracks for umpteen Downbeatchilloutnujazz-Compilations. Their current album “My Name is Madness” was also released on Mole Listening Pearls in autumn 2006.

Available format: mp3