Lukas Greenberg Audio Interview (Plastic City)

Lukas Greenberg Audio Interview (podcast)

Lukas Greenberg started his career in the early 90ies as a hip hop dj and played at famous venues like the tresor, 90Grad and KitCat. Quite a lot residencies and years of dance floor experience brought him to own productions which he started on an Atari Mega 2. It’s easy to see that after more than ten years in the business his musical background is based on a broad variety of influences and styles – so is his music and what else than Plastic City could be the perfect platform for the height of his creativity. Last year he had his first appearance at “Play Plastic City” and his debut EP “Behind Doors” earlier this year drew attention to this fantastic musician, producer and DJ. The “Rhode Stories” again verify his sense for high quality listening stuff: He rolls out his musical range while connecting all tracks like writing a book. He produced several introductions for the “chapters” and after listening the whole album one is convinced about a theory behind the compilation of the songs. He rides on a wave of downbeat, electro, house, easy listening and some more ingredients which make you feel comfortable about listening to the “Stories” again and again. This is an outstanding collection of tracks – influenced by people, life and musical history and hits bulls eye aiming at the Plastic City philosophy. Enjoy the warm and bright atmosphere – high quality listening pleasure!

Lukas Greenberg Audio Interview: Rhode ´Stories Podcast; Available formats: CD, 2LP, mp3.