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finally, the mp3 format is ten years old today! The Fraunhofer Institute invented this phenomenon ten years ago and they devised the audio compression codec that remains the most user friendly of online music formats that’s taken the world by storm. You can download a strong selection of tunes (ten years late!) from our new downloadshop TrackTracker. We represent a world of modern electronics for modern people. The sound range from laid-back Lounge & Listening, cool-cat Nu Jazz, smart House and sophisticated Tech-House to undergound Techno. We don´t cash on trash. Quality is our core issue. And the best of all is: The quality of our files is usually 320 kb/s (VBR/CBR), encoded with LAME 3.9x q=0 and the tagging is ID3v2 + ID3v1 Cover embedded (600×600). You can download each file (DRM free) three times.From now on you can subscribe to the weekly newsletter to get the weekly news and to listen to the hottest weekly releases and tracks.
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TrackTracker Newsletter

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