Kunststoff - Mudflap (mp3 EP) - Harthouse

Kunststoff – Mudflap (mp3 EP) – Harthouse

Jorgo Tsekouras aka Kunststoff was born 1982 in Offenbach am Main, he started around the age of 10 to get into music. In 1996 he had his first contact with electronic dancemusic, he listen to Duft Punks Around The World, after that he was addicted to that kind of music. In the Beginning of 1998, he started to produce his own tracks. He produced a lot of diffrent styles at the beginning. After more than 7 years he found his own style, its a mix of Minimal/Techno and a little bit of House. In the beginning of 2007 he started the project “Kunststoff” soon he had his first release “Kunststoff – Control EP” on the new online label “New League”. One months later he had his 2. release on the same label called “Kunststoff – Kunststoff EP”. He just finished his 3. Release “Kunststoff – Spelt and Oat EP”. Now his unique minimal techno sound is moving to a higher level, the new “Kunststoff – Mudflap EP” is his first Harthouse release, the sounddesign is without any influcess from other tracks, there is only the hole feeling inside he got on the dancefloor. For him its like a dream, in the 90´s he was a big fan of Harthouse but he never expect to be at this label in the future so for him a dream he never dreamed came true.

Available format: mp3