Ralf Sliwinski - Laugh With The Shadows (mp3 EP) - Harthouse

Ralf Sliwinski – Laugh With The Shadows (mp3 EP)

In his teenage years, Ralph was into the first electronic groups such as Visage, Soft Cell and Front 242, as well as a party maniac from the start. His own first sounds were produced back in 1990 on a Commodore 64 computer,while his first DJ Sets took place at several Acid Parties in the Frankfurt area in the same year. In 1996 Ralph expanded his musical horizon with the purchase of his first studio gear. From then on, many electronic dance music productions were created. Between 1996 and 1998 he was a System operator at Compuserve, where he was in charge of managing the Techno, House and DJ Zone sections of the music forum. Ralph’s first big releases came out in 1999 through Neuton : Schub AG-Tritone Rec., Laut 29- Black Love Rec., Releases on Frisbee Tracks plus several Compilations and EP´s followed on labels such as Below Rec., Hartchef Discos, Morris Audio and now on Harthouse…

Available format: mp3