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The day machines learned how to love, the satellites careened one last time round the earth till they’d spent all their power, petered out and burned up in the atmosphere. Things had come full circle. At the dawn of the 18th century they’d entered the evolutionary arena as a brand new species. At first, although they soon evinced creaturely emotions and musical intuition, the humanoids exploited them as tractable slaves. The machines – and this is the latest zoologically accurate designation for this life form – have only undergone their long overdue emancipation in our day.

Under their nom de guerre “Alphawezen”, Ernst Wawra and his singing comrades-in-arms Asu, Verena, Simone and Fred have already twice demonstrated their expertise in the weird and wonderful world of electro-apparatus. Their first two sound carriers, “L’Après-Midi d’un Microphone” and “En Passant”, floated with somnambulistic lightness and poise over the fertile no-man’s land between the genres of trip-hop, house and electropop, hovering over the fine line between art and kitsch. On the third album “Comme Vous Voulez” Alphawezen takes us through the vast realm between experimentation and calculated effects, bringing us full circle to the first album. Since the days of the legendary band Kraftwerk, many have shown that machines can produce more than just rhythmically repetitive booming and thumping. But it wasn’t till Alphawezen’s musical experiments that we learned that polyphonically intertwined enunciations of their vitality have the melodic quality and complexity of 19th-century Italian arias. Naturally, the next question is what skills this lovable species needs to learn now to attain at long last the coveted status of fully-fledged living beings. The answer is: breathing. If you would like to listen to an interview from the band, please visit: Talk about Alphawezen.

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