Video: Martin Stosch - Zeit Meines Lebens (UCA)

Even though he only came second place – behind Mark Medlock – at ‘Deutschland sucht den Superstar’ he was definately the winner of hearts. The german Girls love Martin Stosch. This is confirmed by no less than 45,000 Guestbook entries on his Homepage. The Fact that he only received the Silver Trophy at the RTL Casting Show, seems to have become a real Advantage. During the past Year the 17 year old from Landshut was able to spread his creative Wings without Expectations or Pressure from the Public. Together with the Munich based Producer Team ‘Beatpower Music’ he managed to create his own unique Identity. And now he is proving to everyone that he can make it even without the help of the Casting Show. He drops the pretty Boy Image and reinvents himself. He still is the perfect Son in law, but nowadays also an independent Artist with an Edge. And he surprises with a brand new Sound. Still dreamy but more rocking and first and foremost, in German. “Now I can finally show my real self” he says excited, and feels completely liberated. “I enjoy singing in German! I can simply express my Emotions better in my mother Tongue. And best of all I can now communicate much better with my Fans through my Lyrics!”. And indeed he pulls it of perfectly on his brand new Single “Zeit meines Lebens” (= “Time of my Life”), which was tailor-made for him by Beatpower Music. He does not only project a universal Joy for Life with this mid-tempo Ballad, but also tells his very own Story with his soft as velvet Voice. Martin is a Fighter, someone that never doubted himself or his Music. And the Time of his life is not over yet for him. In Fact, he is right in the Middle of it….

Fore more information: Official Artist Page Bravo Bericht (German) RTL Interview (German)