Terry Lee Brown Junior – Softpack (The Edit) – Plastic City

Terry Lee Brown Junior presents his long awaited fifth album “Softpack” at Plastic City. As one of the main characters of Plastic City’s catalogue he consistently followed his path of creating and developing his unique, extraordinary style. Highly addictive grooves and elements of house, techno, jazz, downtempo and even breakbeat melt together and thus you can never expect a certain category of sound – but there’s an important ingredient for all of his works: Emotion! From early beginnings until the present Terry’s musical ideas had great impact on what we now call “techhouse”. As a pioneer and central player of the techhouse scene he succeeded in getting and remaining one of the most requested producers and DJs worldwide. Especially in the U.S.A. and Great Britain he established himself as archetype for nearly every following production or name in this division. After long nights at the studio and countless appearances at the most sought-after locations of the planet he appears with state-of-the-art productions which are more than beats, bass, groove and synths: According to his multi-faceted perspective and style he is just doing the music as he feels when being at the studio.

You cannot judge this exceptional piece of music as aiming at a certain use. All tracks are connected to each other and are best suited for dancefloor use – nevertheless it’s pure listening pleasure you can enjoy nearly anywhere you are. Mysterious atmospheres are crossed by deep grooves – tasty melodic bits and wide effects garnish a delicious menu – gourmet guarantee!

The track “Softpack (The Edit)” is an essence of the album “Softpack” in a Megamix.

Free Download: Softpack (The Edit)

J. Axel – Love Letters (mp3 EP) – Plastic City

The first single from J. Axel on Plastic City, one of Sweden’s top house producers, is called “Love Letters”. The deep original mix, taken from his current album ”Deepness is Served”, is a gem of a track: Deep piano chords, handcrafted and keen beats underneath the sensual and moody vocals of Astrid Suryanto. This tune can easily be compared to productions of Osunlade, Blaze, Masters At Work or DJ Spinna…it’s fresh and has a lot of soul. Swedish musician Henrik B is on the remix due. Usually known for more techno orientated productions on labels like Zync, Primate or his own label Illgorhythm, he reworks the track into a cheeky tech house way with pumping and hypnotic patterns and nicely sliced vocal samples. Stockholm local Joel Mull teams up with producer legend Pär Grindvink for the second remix of the track “Love Letters”. The result is an incredible EP, that will cause major damages to the world’s house clubs, taking the original vibe into a more floor-orientated and forward direction with thrilling pads & chords and tight beats but still deep & sexy – one could call it “the Stockholm school of electronic – 4 to the floor – soul”.

Available Format: mp3.

Mikael Jonasson – Rimfrost (mp3 EP) – Harthouse

Stockholm-based DJ/producer and owner of Koba Records, Mikael Jonasson, has previously dropped his tasty minimal-electro-tech-house treats on labels like Audiomatique, 852 Recordings, Upstruct and Equal etc. Meanwhile, Mikael’s own label, Koba Records, has earned support from leading electronic aficionados world wide. Mikael got his interest in music at an early age. After a few years of frenetic banging on the family kitchen ware, his parents didn´t see any way out except to buy him a toy drum-set. When the club scene finally entered Stockholm as a part of the underground movement, Mikael´s interest for the electronic music grew bigger. After a few years of intensive clubbing, Mikael decided to start doing his own music. It all started with an experimental sound, and evolved later into banging house, techno and techhouse. Many productions to be released years later. Today Mikael is a wellknown producer and DJ with steady support from the major DJ´s and radio stations around the globe, and 2008 is gonna be a year of many quality tracks coming out of this man from Stockholm!

Available format: mp3

Deepest Pleasure, compiled by Gorge & Greg Silver (compilation) – Streetlight

With the Compilation “Deepest Pleasure” Gorge and Greg Silver, wellknown through their weekly “House Edition” Partyshow on Sunshine Live, deliver us Tech-House- and Electro-Tunes made direct for the dancefloor. Get ready for the real Groove with tracks and productions by Terry Lee Brown Junior, Nick Curly, Johnny D, Reclick, Robert Babicz and many more on this exclusive compilation, only available on the new downloadstore www.tracktracker.com. On “Deepest Pleasure” you can find all tracks in full length versions. On top of this, you will get a DJ Mix from Gorge & Greg Silver (longer than 80 minutes) with all tracks from the compilation mixed in one go as a bonusfile. More information about Gorge & Greg Silver and, of course, the newest & hottest tunes you adept weekly Saturdays from 8 pm – 12 pm at the “House Edition” on Sunshine Live.

Available Format: mp3.

Terry Lee Brown Junior – Chatterbox (mp3 EP)
Terry Lee Brown Junior used every year to improve his sounds, his arrangements and his unique flavour. If you are listening to his albums, you can feel every single heartbeat, every single thought, he has invested in his work. Terry Lee Brown Junior is not one of those artists, who are adding one simple beat to another, he is that type of producer, who opens his heart to his audience, adding all his passion and love to his compositions. It is not the easiest way, but if you hear the result, you know it´s worth it. Because of all that passion, Terry Lee Brown Junior is investing into his music, it is no surprise at all, that he has been considered as a member of the international elite of house producers for years. Like no other, he has developed the subgenre Tech-House. Today Terry Lee Brown Junior is one of the most happening and respected House artists. On his brand new album “Softpack”, which will be released end of february 2008, Terry is proving once again, that he has the skills and the talent to combine the various and exciting blends of contemporary House music, giving the tracks a clubby or progressive attitude, never losing the emotional aspect. Nevertheless all tracks have the personal signature of Terry Lee Brown Junior, always well balanced, but thrilling at the same time.

Available Format: mp3.

Modul – Paper Bird (mp3 EP)

Modul aka the Krasnodar electronic project was formed in 2003. The persons behind this project are Evgeny Shchukin @ Vega, Evgeny Fomin and Alexander Tochilkin. Since 2003 the project is busy with creation of electronic music in various directions – from experimental “home elecronics” to dance compositions in different variations. After the series of live idm acts in hometown the fist releases of “music for the head” are coming out on the German net-label Phonocake.org and the Canadian Nishi. The track appeared on Nishi 100 compilation (Photon And 3 Heavy Bosons) has been listed in Symbiosis archieve on Triple R FM right away. By the year 2005 a dance live perfomance was developed and the group starts to play it actively in different clubs. At the same time the project works on recording of the album Cutting Edge, which was later released on the biggest russian net-label, devoted to expetimental electronic music Electrosound.ru. The album was kindly met by musical critics and listeners and after that a series of releases are coming out on different net-labels. Improving live technologies and using big quantity of self-engineered instuments the collective acts in clubs much more often and in autumn of 2006 year accomplishes a tour in Germany. In 2007 a big list of different events in which the project took part (live acts, radio airs, RBMA 2007 victory, etc.) has been assembled. The year 2008 starts with the first release on Harthouse. And we know, that this will be just the next step for these talented three guys.

Available format: mp3