Modul - Paper Bird (mp3 EP) - Harthouse

Modul – Paper Bird (mp3 EP)

Modul aka the Krasnodar electronic project was formed in 2003. The persons behind this project are Evgeny Shchukin @ Vega, Evgeny Fomin and Alexander Tochilkin. Since 2003 the project is busy with creation of electronic music in various directions – from experimental “home elecronics” to dance compositions in different variations. After the series of live idm acts in hometown the fist releases of “music for the head” are coming out on the German net-label and the Canadian Nishi. The track appeared on Nishi 100 compilation (Photon And 3 Heavy Bosons) has been listed in Symbiosis archieve on Triple R FM right away. By the year 2005 a dance live perfomance was developed and the group starts to play it actively in different clubs. At the same time the project works on recording of the album Cutting Edge, which was later released on the biggest russian net-label, devoted to expetimental electronic music The album was kindly met by musical critics and listeners and after that a series of releases are coming out on different net-labels. Improving live technologies and using big quantity of self-engineered instuments the collective acts in clubs much more often and in autumn of 2006 year accomplishes a tour in Germany. In 2007 a big list of different events in which the project took part (live acts, radio airs, RBMA 2007 victory, etc.) has been assembled. The year 2008 starts with the first release on Harthouse. And we know, that this will be just the next step for these talented three guys.

Available format: mp3