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Terry Lee Brown Junior – Chatterbox (mp3 EP)
Terry Lee Brown Junior used every year to improve his sounds, his arrangements and his unique flavour. If you are listening to his albums, you can feel every single heartbeat, every single thought, he has invested in his work. Terry Lee Brown Junior is not one of those artists, who are adding one simple beat to another, he is that type of producer, who opens his heart to his audience, adding all his passion and love to his compositions. It is not the easiest way, but if you hear the result, you know it´s worth it. Because of all that passion, Terry Lee Brown Junior is investing into his music, it is no surprise at all, that he has been considered as a member of the international elite of house producers for years. Like no other, he has developed the subgenre Tech-House. Today Terry Lee Brown Junior is one of the most happening and respected House artists. On his brand new album “Softpack”, which will be released end of february 2008, Terry is proving once again, that he has the skills and the talent to combine the various and exciting blends of contemporary House music, giving the tracks a clubby or progressive attitude, never losing the emotional aspect. Nevertheless all tracks have the personal signature of Terry Lee Brown Junior, always well balanced, but thrilling at the same time.

Available Format: mp3.