J. Axel - Love Letters (mp3 EP) - Plastic City

J. Axel – Love Letters (mp3 EP) – Plastic City

The first single from J. Axel on Plastic City, one of Sweden’s top house producers, is called “Love Letters”. The deep original mix, taken from his current album ”Deepness is Served”, is a gem of a track: Deep piano chords, handcrafted and keen beats underneath the sensual and moody vocals of Astrid Suryanto. This tune can easily be compared to productions of Osunlade, Blaze, Masters At Work or DJ Spinna…it’s fresh and has a lot of soul. Swedish musician Henrik B is on the remix due. Usually known for more techno orientated productions on labels like Zync, Primate or his own label Illgorhythm, he reworks the track into a cheeky tech house way with pumping and hypnotic patterns and nicely sliced vocal samples. Stockholm local Joel Mull teams up with producer legend Pär Grindvink for the second remix of the track “Love Letters”. The result is an incredible EP, that will cause major damages to the world’s house clubs, taking the original vibe into a more floor-orientated and forward direction with thrilling pads & chords and tight beats but still deep & sexy – one could call it “the Stockholm school of electronic – 4 to the floor – soul”.

Available Format: mp3.