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Frankman – Straight Between The Ears (mp3 EP)

Since the early 90ies it is impossible to imagine Leipzig’s House-scene without Frankman, once born as Andreas Greiner. Being influenced by the Hip-Hop of the 80ies and the arising Techno- and House-movement he soon developed his own and unmistakable style, which can still be recognized in his recent sets and productions. A style which is one or even the reason why he was significantly involved in the development of the presently popular Leipzig’s Deep-House-style. Since 2001 joint productions with various colleagues became more frequent. Co-operations with de Bear (Dessous Rec.) and Matthias Tanzman (Moon Harbour) followed. In 2002 his first longplayer “different divides” on “Draft Recordings” came out. In 2003 for Frankman it was time for some changes: With „Auris Rec.“ a new Deep-House label was thrown on the market. Since, publications of for example Lars Behrenroth, Metrosoul and Parov Stelar followed. Of course Frankman often takes care of the matter himself -in form of remixes, for example of “Deepthoughts” and “Smooth Society”, or in form of complete 12”s. In the view of his work’s quality, it is not a surprise that Frankman’s productions can be found on internationally renowned singles/records, such as Steve Bug’s “The Flow“ (Cocoon 2002) and Harley & Muscle’s “Play Deep House“ (Soulstar 2006).

Available Format: mp3.