Terry Lee Brown Junior – Delightful Encounter (mp3 EP) – Plastic City

Terry Lee Brown Junior – one of the most frequent names in Plastic City label’s history has convinced his audience and critics by always being different while remaining a unique character of the housy upper class. From early beginnings until the present Terry’s musical ideas had great impact on what we now call “Tech-House”. As a pioneer and central player of the Tech-House scene he succeeded in getting and remaining one of the most requested producers and DJs worldwide. He succeeded changing topics and following the rule of never producing just one kind of music. The track “Delightful Encounter”, originally a downtempo track on his actual album, is totally reworked for this tech-house release from his labelmate Greg Parker and Terry himself. On top you can find on this release the “Softpack Dub`n`Pack Edit”, which is the second part or – if you want – a dub version of “Softpack – The Edit”, an essence of the current album.

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Yes, the rumour is right. Lisa Bund and Martin Stosch were in the studio together to record a new single. Last week, both had a nice time in Mallorca (Spain). And like we know it´s also no secret anymore (thanx to Bravo!) that the video for the single called “Have You Found” was shot on Mallorca as well.
Lisa Bund & Martin Stosch – Have You Found (UCA), cat#: uca097-5, streetdate: 20.06.2008

Human Resource – Dominator (mp3 EP) – Noom Records

Initially “Human Resource” had 4 members: Guido Pernet (Producer- MC) Johan Van Beek & Jasper Drexhage (Keyboards) & Robert Mahu (Stage Mixer). They were joined too my 80 AUM Rapper & former pro basketball player Larenzo Nash. Chicago US born Nash was the infamous voice used on “Dominator” in 1991. “Dominator” was a huge success, one of the first records ever to use the “Hoover” effect, which was created using a Roland Alpha Juno 2 synthesiser. HR released their first EP / Album entitled “Dominating the World”. This was very early house in style & extremely different from “Dominator”. As 92 began & Human Resource prepared to embark upon new ventures & succeed with more releases. At This time Johan Van Beek quit the group. Pernet didn’t want another Keyboard player so instead hired a Rapper, the former MC of Quadrophonia Marvin D. He stayed with the group until 1995 before leaving to start his own label with his childhood friend Ray Slijngaard from 2 Unlimited, in which time HR had released such tracks as “Rave-O-Lution” & “Fuck Them” as well as another Album “Kicking Noise of Rotterdam”. At this time (end of 94 / start of 95) the Rave scene has evolved onto unique styles, now known as Gabber / Rotterdam Hardcore. Since this time Human Resource have joined forces with Maurice Steenbergen of RTS (Rotterdam Termination Source) & Zeno Zevenberg of T99 to form RTS-HR. This venture proved very sucessful and re-releases, and remixes of Dominator surfaced influenced by the Dutch festival named after the HR classic “Dominator”. Noom Records proudly presents a package with six versions of this “all time classics” including the original version and the legendary Frank De Wulf remix as well as new remixes from Commander Tom and DJ Hell.

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Stryke Audio Interview

Born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica, Stryke began his music career at an early age. He started playing classical piano at the age of four. Moving to Miami, Florida (where he still resides) when he was ten, Stryke became heavily involved in early electronic alternative scene. At age 14, the young Stryke had already begun DJing to make money to buy more synth equipment. But after discovering this new underground dance music, he became as passionate about DJing as he was about making music. Says Stryke of the two, “Both production and DJing have really become one in the same for me. I really can’t separate the two. He’s considered to be one of the top DJs around today. His globetrotting schedule and growing legions of fans is proof positive of his ability to command dancefloors worldwide. In 2004, he was asked to be the official DJ for the MTV VMAs. Balancing work between the studio and the road hasn’t been easy. But Stryke wouldn’t have it any other way. “I’m truly blessed to be able to do what I love. The work, the stress, and the hardship is all worth it at the end of the day.” Stryke is quickly becoming one of the hardest working man in electronic music. Listen…Communicate…Understand. He is honoured to now be an official family member of the Plastic City family. Look for his full length album “The Narrowest of Paths”.

Podcast: Stryke Audio Interview; Available Formats: CD, LP, mp3.

On Sunday May 25th we have one seriously excellent party planned for you at RETOX! Terry Lee Brown Junior & Timewriter will be there for an extended B2B set showcasing Plastic City! Downstairs will be transformed by Spanish electronic festival giants, Electrosplash, hosted by their residents and a rather special guest! Terry Lee Brown Junior is best known for his productions on the superb Plastic City label. Praised by the house and techno elite as well as the global music press, his delicate and genre defying productions helped pave the way for the electronic sound that is prevalent in today’s clubs. With five albums under his belt, his latest offering released a few months back, Softpack, is another exquisite fusion of house, techno, & jazz, a really classy long player. He’s been djing since the late 80’s with past residencies including Cocoon (Frankfurt), Pacha (Budapest), & Ostgut (Berlin). TLBJ will be joined by long time label friend, Timewriter. The Timewriter is another exponent of the original German house/techno scene producing mesmerising music of equal substance. From his genre defying Letters From The Jester album back in ‘97 to solo productions and collaborations with some of the scenes top producers, he’s also worked with the likes of ex-Kraftwerk member Wolfgang Flür (Yamo), Mike Oldfield, Yello, Faithless and Boy George amongst others. His residencies have included Sven Väths Cocoon Club and the legendary “I Love Deep” parties in Budapest. We hope you can join us for this showcase on Sunday 25th, its going to be a special party! If that’s not enough, downstairs will be hosted by Spanish electronic festival, Electrosplash! Located in Puerto De Sagunto, Valencia, this annual gathering of techno and house fans plays host to quite literally the A-Z of dance music’s biggest names. Residents Joguet and Elesbaan will be joined by D-Late’s Rich NXT and a special guest to be announced. Keep tuned for more info.

RETOX_25THMAY-1.jpg We really hope you can join us for this one! Doors open at 9pm and the party goes through till 6am. Please arrive as early as possible to guarantee entry. We hope to see you there!

Budai & Vic – R U Deep (mp3 EP)

DJ Budai started his career like thousands of self-appointed DJs all over the world. By collecting cassettes, he started to go out to clubs in Budapest to study how the ’good olds’ doing their job. He got his first possibility to spin because of an illness, he had to play instead the Angyal bar’s (not the same as today’s Angyal bar) resident DJ. In 1990 he was the runner-up of the Hungarian DMC. DJ Budai started to write music and made remixes for several artists. In 1997 Silvervoice awarded him in the ‘DJ of the Year’ category. Since summer 2002 he and his friends started to organize Hungary”s first ever deep house party serie I Love Deep. The events became a top night in Budapest and still going it. Vic started his carreer in 1997 with his ex-schoolmate Joc. Under the name of Sonic Age they produced tracks in almost every kind of electronic music, but mainly focusing house-based stuff. Since 2007, Budai & Vic are releasing on Plastic City as well. With the first two EPs “Inside All Of Us” and “Second Wave Of Emotions” they got big support from DJs all over the world. Now, “R U Deep” is their third EP on Plastic City – a massive release again.

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Boris Brejcha – Lost Memory (mp3 EP)

Actually you find the name Boris Brejcha in the famous DJs’ playlists worldwide as well as on compilation tracklists and of course on “Die Maschinen sind gestrandet” – his first album wihich was released in autumn 2007. Harthouse acts as a platform for his extreme forward-looking output. The future is now and the main message is to be unpredictable and still sweeping like no other. “Lost Memory” is his fifth EP on Harthouse. Again surprise follows surprise by taking some well known condiments of electronic dance music, adding some delightful secret ingredients out of Brejcha’s soundmachines and messing all up with effects like heaven and hell! Deep, clear, clicky, effected, dirty, various, surprising avant-garde, a close-fitting sporty and elegant wear for everywhere.

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Greg Parker – Casual (mp3 EP) – Plastic City

In the Year 1996 Greg Parker began to work for the Distribution “DMS” and the Recordstore “Imports”. In 2002 he started to manage the recordstore on his own and changed the name into “Smoove Records”. The insight into the different kinds of electronic music allowed him an extended overview in the electronic music scene, which is actually reflected in his individual and bulky Sound. At the End of the 90’s Greg Parker was a wellknown Dj in Darmstadt and it’s outer regions. In 2002 he became Resident Dj in the famous House Club “Room 106” where he got in contact with Terry Lee Brown Junior. From this point of time on they started a close friendship which was not only based on the shared Interest in electronic Music. Inspired by their friendship the first own production from Greg Parker was released on the compilation “Imagination Of The Shape”. Greg Parker also produced two tracks together with Terry for his albums “Karambolage” (I Feel Lost) and “Softpack” (Headache).

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