Budai & Vic - R U Deep (mp3 EP) - Plastic City

Budai & Vic – R U Deep (mp3 EP)

DJ Budai started his career like thousands of self-appointed DJs all over the world. By collecting cassettes, he started to go out to clubs in Budapest to study how the ’good olds’ doing their job. He got his first possibility to spin because of an illness, he had to play instead the Angyal bar’s (not the same as today’s Angyal bar) resident DJ. In 1990 he was the runner-up of the Hungarian DMC. DJ Budai started to write music and made remixes for several artists. In 1997 Silvervoice awarded him in the ‘DJ of the Year’ category. Since summer 2002 he and his friends started to organize Hungary”s first ever deep house party serie I Love Deep. The events became a top night in Budapest and still going it. Vic started his carreer in 1997 with his ex-schoolmate Joc. Under the name of Sonic Age they produced tracks in almost every kind of electronic music, but mainly focusing house-based stuff. Since 2007, Budai & Vic are releasing on Plastic City as well. With the first two EPs “Inside All Of Us” and “Second Wave Of Emotions” they got big support from DJs all over the world. Now, “R U Deep” is their third EP on Plastic City – a massive release again.

Available Format: mp3.