Jeff Bennett – Single Minded (mp3 EP) – Plastic City

Malmö based deejay and producer Jeff Bennett has over 90 releases under his belt, including numerous projects for labels such as Poker Flat or Plastic City. The Single Minded EP is excellent presentation of his eclectic sound, which builds on the old-skool detroit fundaments blended with the elements of rich European electronic music heritage. What makes Jeff special is his unique production approach that challenges established musical structures. The first track is pure tech-house built with the logic of dub, but when you put this piece in the mix with other records, it may sound as an electronic house or vanguard trance. The structure of “Quezt” is stripped down, rougher but still closer to warm Slovenian electronic architecture than straight German minimalism. Jeff finally shows his origins and proves that Sweden remains techno and house territory, although he discretely hides industrial elements behind the dubby base and tech-house drive. This release is a collection of three very different tracks, each aiming to spice part of the night at the club: one for the early evening, second for the pick of the party and the last one for the early morning.

Available Format: mp3.

Alphawezen – I Like You (single)

Machines evinced creaturely step by step emotions and musical intuition, but the humanoids exploited them still as tractable slaves. The machines – and this is the latest zoologically accurate designation for this life form – have only undergone their long overdue emancipation in our day. Because of this, a typical Alphawezen recording session is less like a composer’s studio session than a conspirative get-together, replete with elated twitterings and chirpings, murmured and whispered exchanges of secrets and piquant remarks. The masterfully interwoven melodies, which have become hallmarks of Alphawezen’s music, evoke delectable scenes in the mind’s eye of the attentive listener. This are new remixes from the track “I Like You”, taken from the second album “En Passant”, which was just reReleased as well. The masterfully interwoven melodies, which have become hallmarks of Alphawezen’s music, evoke en passant delectable scenes in the mind’s eye of the attentive listener.

Available fomrat: mp3.

Free Download: Stryke – The Wish (Stryke’s Acid Musique Dub)

The latest labours of love from Stryke, born and raised in Kingston, with his album “The Narrowest of Paths” is a proof of extraordinary talent and consequence. It’s the most emotional piece you have maybe ever heard and of course a cutting-edge production incorporating a great variety of styles and influences. This album is more than a bunch of tracks – it’s a journey or more a soundtrack for the life on the road. Listen – communicate – understand! Now you can download a new remix of one of the album tracks. The original version of the track “The Wish” you can find on the album “The Narrowest of Paths”.

Free Download: mp3.

To promote the new single “Lisa Bund & Martin Stosch – Have You Found…?” both are touring around Germany the next two weeks: Tourdates from Lisa Bund & Martin Stosch: 20.6. Düren, Saturn (StadtCenter) 21.6. Lünen, Saturn 21.6. Moers, Saturn 22.6. Mainz, ZDF Fernsehgarten (live @ ZDF) 23.6. Magdeburg, Media-Markt 24.6. Hanau, Saturnmarkt (City Center) 24.6. Wiesbaden, Media-Markt 25.6. Nürnberg, Media-Markt (Mercado-Center) 26.6. Heidelberg, Media-Markt (Famila Center) 27.6. Mainz, Media-Markt 27.6. Egelsbach, Media-Markt 28.6. Gießen, Media-Markt
Lisa Bund & Martin Stosch – Have You Found…? (UCA), cat#: uca097-5, streetdate: 20.06.2008

Lisa Bund and Martin Stosch were in the studio together to record a new single. A view weeks ago, both had a nice time in Mallorca (Spain). And like we know it´s also no secret anymore (thanx to Bravo!) that the video for the single called “Have You Found…?” was shot on Mallorca as well. Lisa Bund & Martin Stosch – Have You Found…? (UCA), cat#: uca097-5, streetdate: 20.06.2008

Adam Jace – Dirty Funken Jazz (mp3 EP) – Plastic City

Adam Jace lives and breathes house music. His sound is described as unique and forward thinking, breaking down genre boundaries effortlessly and representing club-focused music at its very best. As a DJ, he has played all across Sydney, holding down an ongoing 2 year residency at Habit as well as playing guest spots for one of Australia’s leading underground club brands, Sweetchilli. In 2008 Adam played his first set of international gigs when he toured Thailand, playing 6 slots across the country and headlining some of Bangkok’s biggest clubs. His sets like his productions have a deep organic groove synonymous with that raw yet sophisticated style of underground house music. Recently Adam has been signed to Thug Management where he will become a regular for one of Sydney’s most respected events, Thug Nights and help launch Thug Records, a local Sydney label focusing on pushing quality house and tech. As a producer he has already released a number of EPs for Plastic City. His debut release “Doktor Deep” was featured on The Timewriter’s “Deep Train Vol 5″ and got support from many of the scenes leading house music selectors. Adam Jace has produced remixes for labels such as Helvetica Recz, Junkbeats, Manuscript and FBSS to name but a few and his music continues to get support from a growing list of international artists that include Nick Warren, Anthony Pappa, The Timewriter, Ian Pooley, Neil Quigley, Scope, Da Funk, Osamu M, Anil Chawla, Deepchild and many more.

Available Format: mp3.

Diadem – Feelings For You (mp3 EP) – Plastic City

Diadem are Frankman and de Bear. Both met each other in Leipzig (Germany) sometimes in a house club called „Disillery“ between 1997 – 1999 without knowing, that they will start producing together in the later days. During DJ bookings they met each other again and because of they get known better and better Frankman invited de Bear to the studio to drink a cup of coffee together with a lump sugar. At this time, the studio from Frankman was well known in the German clubscene because of his releases on his own label FM Musik. On the spur of the moment they drunk more than one coffee together (always together with a lump sugar) and start producing the first track. This was the start of some more creative production sessions. A view month later, the first EP was released on „Dessous Recordings“ under the project name „Diadem“. Why Diadem? Because of the name of the lump supar which they used during the prdouction period called „Diadem“. Now, after a longer period of time without any new release, Diadem, still one of the coining deephouse artists from Leipzig, found a new home for the newest release: Welcome to Plastic City!

Available Format: mp3.

Boris Brejcha – Mouse On Weed (Version 2.0) – Harthouse

Born in 1981, Boris Brejcha started his musical education in his childhood. He was educate playing drums and keyboard which had been a perfect schooling for the follwing chapter – producing and performing electronic dance music. Boris Brejcha began producing and dj-ing in november 2006 and with his first online MP3 debut “Monster EP” and the following EP named “Yellow Kitchen”, Boris Brejcha reached on many download platforms place 1 and became the new techno shooting star playing gigs not only in his home country germany. And so, Boris Brejcha was called “special talent of the year 2007” in the magazine He inaugurates a new era in “high tech minimalism”. After the successful story on Autist Records, Boris Brejcha reached Harthouse Mannheim at the beginning of 2007 with the digital releases “Outer Space”, “White Snake”, “Die Maschinen sind gestrandet” and “Die Milchstraße”. Short time later the first longplayer named “Die Maschinen kontrollieren uns” reached the stores and became a big success for this fresh artist. The future was focused on this album. A chain of surprises, known elements of electronic dance music and some attractive ingredients from the laboratory of Boris Brejcha. After this Debut CD on Harthouse, Boris Brejcha was getting more and more popular, as well as a remixer, and short time later his first Vinyl Maxi “Who Is Your Man” was published on Harthouse. From now on Brejcha did Remixes for Alex Flatner, Maskio, Zoo Brazil or Stanny Franssen (just to name a few), he licensed tracks for a couple of compilations and you will find his tracks in a lot of famous DJ-playlists. His sense of humor resonates in his resonates as well as his predilection for unconventional parts. Continuously avoiding conventional sounds, guitars and conventional instruments he always concerned with research into elements which one had never heard before. So keep an eye for this surprising and upcoming artist!

Free Download: Mouse On Weed (Version 2.0)