Diadem - Feelings For You (mp3 EP) - Plastic City

Diadem – Feelings For You (mp3 EP) – Plastic City

Diadem are Frankman and de Bear. Both met each other in Leipzig (Germany) sometimes in a house club called „Disillery“ between 1997 – 1999 without knowing, that they will start producing together in the later days. During DJ bookings they met each other again and because of they get known better and better Frankman invited de Bear to the studio to drink a cup of coffee together with a lump sugar. At this time, the studio from Frankman was well known in the German clubscene because of his releases on his own label FM Musik. On the spur of the moment they drunk more than one coffee together (always together with a lump sugar) and start producing the first track. This was the start of some more creative production sessions. A view month later, the first EP was released on „Dessous Recordings“ under the project name „Diadem“. Why Diadem? Because of the name of the lump supar which they used during the prdouction period called „Diadem“. Now, after a longer period of time without any new release, Diadem, still one of the coining deephouse artists from Leipzig, found a new home for the newest release: Welcome to Plastic City!

Available Format: mp3.