Jeff Bennett - Single Minded (mp3 EP) - Plastic City

Jeff Bennett – Single Minded (mp3 EP) – Plastic City

Malmö based deejay and producer Jeff Bennett has over 90 releases under his belt, including numerous projects for labels such as Poker Flat or Plastic City. The Single Minded EP is excellent presentation of his eclectic sound, which builds on the old-skool detroit fundaments blended with the elements of rich European electronic music heritage. What makes Jeff special is his unique production approach that challenges established musical structures. The first track is pure tech-house built with the logic of dub, but when you put this piece in the mix with other records, it may sound as an electronic house or vanguard trance. The structure of “Quezt” is stripped down, rougher but still closer to warm Slovenian electronic architecture than straight German minimalism. Jeff finally shows his origins and proves that Sweden remains techno and house territory, although he discretely hides industrial elements behind the dubby base and tech-house drive. This release is a collection of three very different tracks, each aiming to spice part of the night at the club: one for the early evening, second for the pick of the party and the last one for the early morning.

Available Format: mp3.